1974 – Global Cooling Causing Droughts, Typhoons, Desert Expansion ….

The devastating food shortage that has millions of the world’s poor people in its grip is directly related to what climatologists increasingly suspect is a gradual global cooling process that is causing erratic weather changes from one year to the next.

Early frosts from Texas to the Dakotas. typhoons in India. drought in Siberia, expansion of the desert south of the African Sahara are evidence of unfavorable shifts in the earth’s climate that have been occurring since 1945. U.S. weather experts say.

Weather records show that the annual average temperatures over the Northern Hemisphere rose dramatically from about 1890 through 1945. but have been falling ever since. The total change has averaged about one-half degree centigrade, with the greatest cooling in the all-important wheat – growing regions of North America and Europe. The drop has already shortened the growing season in England by two weeks and caused a dangerous southward shift of monsoon winds in rice – growing regions of Southeast Asia.

06 Oct 1974, Page 16 – Tallahassee Democrat at Newspapers.com

Hear “Sweet Surrender” Composed and Performed by JOHN DENVER

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7 Responses to 1974 – Global Cooling Causing Droughts, Typhoons, Desert Expansion ….

  1. Gary in Texas says:

    I say him in concert two times. He was the most professional, by far, of all the other rock groups I saw over the years.

  2. Norilsk says:

    John Denver got it right. I’m just sitting back and watching global warming self-destruct. The weather forecasts talk about the record cold and snow. The tooling designer came into work yesterday, saying it looks like global cooling.

    My one brother-in-law said God created this world and CO2 is not going to destroy it. I believe it.

  3. steve case says:

    “Norilsk says:
    “I’m just sitting back and watching global warming self-destruct.”

    It’s not self-destructing anytime soon. If there’s a tipping point, it’s this: Climate Change has reached “Too Big To Fail” status.

    • Norilsk says:

      steve case, When I say global warming, I mean anthropogenic global warming. Climate change is natural and is ongoing, and it’s not driven by CO2. There is no norm that the climate can depart from or return to. It is non-linear and chaotic, and it’s not driven by man’s activities.

      Inform yourself with Tony Heller’s clear report on CO2 already doing virtualy all it can. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-zaQWAaPAg

  4. John says:

    When I respond to comments on the BBC “news” have your say about the coming ice age in the 1970’s one person keeps insisting that the majority of published papers were about global warming rather than cooling, and that the cooling was a myth.

    • Gator says:

      That person is an idiot, a liar, or both. I lived through the ice age scare, on two continents, and it was as real as the great global warming swindle is today. In fact, that was partly why I became interested in geology and ice ages, and went on to be a climatology student. Tony has a nice collection of documentation regarding the seriousness of the ice age scare, including DoD memos.

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