Children Just Won’t Know What Drought Is

The only place in the US experiencing severe drought is western New Mexico, and it is about to get a lot of rain and snow.

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3 Responses to Children Just Won’t Know What Drought Is

  1. MrGrimnasty says:

    I remember when Gore launched his last film, the only US place in drought was Florida, nationally drought was pretty much at a record low. He still pointed to Florida as an example of climate change in his press appearances/publicity. The Florida drought ended amost before the film had time to bomb.

  2. Mary I. says:

    The governor here in California recently referred to the drought in our state as one of the reasons for the PG&E power shut downs, which were done due to “high wild-fire danger and strong winds”, even though most areas had little to no wind. Apparently, Governor Newsom has not read the latest drought reports saying the drought was over in the entire state since the last two years of record rainfall.

    We have also had numerous prescribed burns going on in the forest here this year, including several during the summer! The Forest Service does not conduct prescribed burns when fire danger is high. If they did, they would get sued to the rooftop for causing a massive wildfire, which would surely happen if conditions really were dry.

    Such is life in Californian in the age of climate alarmist insanity.

  3. tom0mason says:

    My sister is a card carrying Democrat living in California who ascribes every little weather variation to ‘Climate Change’. At least once a year she calls and usually during the conversation I have to remind her that where she lives in California “it’s historically a desert region that is prone to drought and deluges.”
    Does she listen?
    No, like I said, she’s a card carrying Democrat living in California!

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