New Video : “Climatologists Vs. Science”

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7 Responses to New Video : “Climatologists Vs. Science”

  1. Lasse says:

    Better and better!

  2. Simon Hodges says:

    Hi Tony

    Regarding Cherry picking data you pose the question as to why they chose 1951 as a start point and conclude that its in order to show a warming trend which is correct. However it seems that they must have wanted to show a very particular warming trend. In terms of argument and effect, they could have shown a much warmer trend by picking 1970 or 1980. Could it be the case that the range they selected is not only a form of cherry picking a certain range to show a clear warming trend, but also another very specfic form of cherry picking on a different level in that it is a very particular trend line that better fits with the trend increase of CO2?


  3. Michael Spencer says:

    Tony – your continuing good work is mind-bogglingly good!

    And that you’re doing it all by yourself is even more so.

    I do look forward to you joining now-Senator (again) Malcolm Roberts so that together you may ‘stir the possum’ (being Australian-speak for upsetting the apple-cart!).

    Fun times ahead for a few soon-to-be-nervous pseudo-scientists and associated bludging bureaucrats!

    (And, what’s a ‘bludger’? Here’s a little reference to the sophistication of Australian slang:

    • Peter Carroll says:

      Your slang definitions is missing an “icon” of Australiana,
      Where is the, Drop Bear? Fair suck of the sauce bottle!

  4. billtoo says:

    I always get a kick out of climatologists’ concerns for the ski industry. what could be more sustainable than hoisting thousands of people per hour half a mile into the air just to have them come back down. to say nothing of the heated sidewalks. here’s hoping utah has a good season.

    great video.

  5. Walt Lafford says:

    Just watched the latest climate change propaganda on 9 news here in Denver today at 4PM, hope you caught the broadcast. They took a fellow from Texas to Alaska to show him what climate change is doing to everything up there. Would like to hear your take on what they were saying, some of it is pure food for the believers.

  6. Norilsk says:

    Thanks Tony for presenting this awesome epose in such a calm mannerd way.

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