Drought Caused By Cold Water

Australia is having a drought, caused largely by the unusually cold water which is surrounding the country. Similar to California, Texas and southwest US droughts which occur during La Nina events.

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Global cooling is not good for humans.

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5 Responses to Drought Caused By Cold Water

  1. iggie says:

    Hi Tony
    I wonder why there is a disconnect between the NOAA SSTs and the Aust BoM version.
    They only agree on the SST around Sumatra.

    BTW, love your research especially finding historical articles and checking data ‘adjustments’.

  2. Aussie says:

    The ongoing drought is predictably resulting in bushfires. Many deliberately lit…

    Of course the idiot media here is in overdrive, breathlessly talking about climate change fuelling bushfires. (so “climate change” lit the fires…)

    No mention of the big reduction in controlled burns due to Green pressure meaning that there is so much more fuel available for fires, No mention of past fire catastrophes – supposedly we now have this happening and it has never happened before.

    Talk about recency bias…

  3. Kneel says:

    “Talk about recency bias…”

    I don’t know if it happened, but they were talking about snow in the southern highlands and the NSW and Vic snowfields. Late spring snows are a bit unusual.
    Of course, the ski industry was supposed to be extinct by now, and Perth was supposed to be a ghost city because climate change – just as the rivers were supposed to be gone.
    These people ar crazy – it’s not hard to check the historical record to realise that in Australia, droughts are broken by floods – the worse the drought, the worse the flood.

  4. Oztruthseeker says:

    Yes, there were late spring snowfalls in the southern alpine regions of NSW and Vic and yet now we are being told by Emergency Service heads old and current that Australia is in an ‘unprecedented’ climate emergency which needs instant drastic action in eliminating fossil fuels because it has never been anywhere near this bad before in regards to drought and bushfire but is that really so, does the data really support that, I do not know where to look to check that but it has seemed to me according to the reports that, while Sydney temps have been above average in recent seasons that further south in Melbourne and Hobart it has been below average. Can anyone point me to accurate figures about this?

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