“Hypocrisy Is A Fallacy”

Anyone who disapproves of climate alarmist’ misinformation is a “maggot” according to Dr. Dan Cady.

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37 Responses to “Hypocrisy Is A Fallacy”

  1. G W Smith says:

    When they run out of ideas they will always close their eyes, plug their ears, shout down their demons, and deny. The victim’s joy is surviving reality one more day.

  2. Adrian E. says:

    So what does this Dan Cady think when he brings up Riley Whitlum? Does he think that billionaire owner of the luxury boat has enough time for going over the ocean together with Greta Thunberg?

    Greta Thunberg seems to be willing to set a new record about how many emissions to cause when travelling from Europe to America and back. When she travelled from Europe to the US, several people who afterwards flew back (and would not have gone to the US without her) came with her. It seems it is the same for the journey back to Europe.

    • arn says:

      She definitivly sets a new record
      for the number of using and abusing people
      over such a long period of timd to show the world how incredibly humble and ecological she is
      and for a thing that could have been
      done with a simple two way ticket (or a simple video call as there is no reason for her to visit the UN or to be at an “expert” conference for grown ups)

    • Anto says:

      Hey, it beats going to school and learning to be a productive member of society.

  3. DCA says:

    “You have no science.”

    Perhaps Dr. Cady, as a psychologist, would like to explain this tidbit of peer-reviewed science that illustrates how climate alarmists are LEAST likely to actually engage in “green” behaviors.


  4. arn says:

    When you are a hammer everything looks like a nail.

    When you are a climate expert everything looks like global warming .

    • Lasse says:

      When You are seeing global warming You find all is due to man.
      Man made global warming.
      When You see man made global warming You find all warming bad.
      Man is bad and we have to change him.

      And all can be fixed if we all abandon our way of life.

  5. KevinPaul says:

    People who use titles in social media do so mostly subconsciously to stand above and push down others, but their haughtiness leaves them as tall poppy targets for when the seasons of change arrive.
    I was recently reading about the killing fields of Cambodia, and how it was similar to Mao and Stalins’s purges. Surely the NWO elites will follow the same process of liquidation and suppression of all intellectual and technological avenues of civil recovery.

  6. Gator says:

    Pointing out hypocrisy is not an argument, it does not make any judgements about the argument at hand, and therefore not a logical fallacy. Only the left would try to find a way to defend their gross hypocrisy by turning the finger back on the accuser. Truly disgusting.

    • Tel says:

      Suppose there is a discussion regarding how we should rightly live our lives, with some person demanding that other people do a certain thing but who will themselves refuse to do this thing they are demanding of others … then that is hypocrisy, and it is also a very good argument for not doing the thing demanded of you.

      For example: when Ted Turner (founder of CNN) demanded a “one child policy” for a hundred years to reduce world population, and then he had five children and three wives himself … that is hypocrisy, and also a good argument for never paying any attention to Ted Turner.

      When we are having a different type of discussion, perhaps trying to measure the boiling point of water … in that case the lifestyle of the person making the measurement becomes irrelevant. However, consistency of the measurement itself is relevant … if they keep getting different answers, then pointing out that the answer they got this time is different to the answer the got last would indicate poor quality measurement technique.

      The “Progressives” are consistently inconsistent in all principles other than their fundamental urge to dominate others. Sometimes they are great supporters of Democracy and love the will of the people (when they happen to win a vote) but other times they think the people are plumb stupid (as Jonathan Gruber explained) or they declare the will of the people is dreadful Populism (when they lose a vote). Sometimes money is evil and wealthy people are the worst of all (when they want to shake someone down) but when the same money sits comfortably in the pocket of the “Progressive” politician that’s OK (because the shakedown worked). Sometimes Greta becomes “strong” and “brave” and shows “leadership”, but if anyone disagrees with her we get “how can you attack this helpless child, you big bully”.

      Those things are all hypocrisy, and also they are evidence of double-standards that exist out of convenience, not out of principle.

  7. Al Shelton says:

    on Google…
    Dr. Daniel Cady specializes in clinical psychologist in Flagstaff, AZ a

    • Mark says:

      Pretty sure psychology isn’t science.

    • KevinPaul says:

      Maybe Greta now needs the shrink 24/7, child stars often crash and burn when all that can be, has been wrung from them.

    • Gator says:

      According to patient ratings, Dr Dan earned 2.5 stars out of 5, or an F. Staff courtesy and office cleanliness were both 1 star ratings. He personally rates as follows, on a 5 star scale…

      Explains conditions & treatments: 2.5

      Takes time to answer my questions: 2.0

      Provides follow up as needed: 2.0

      Don’t get me started on psychobabble in general, or the majority of those who choose this as a career path.

    • Robertv says:

      He should denounce this child abuse by Greta’s handlers.

  8. Windsong says:

    Meanwhile, as of 1100 AST the NHC began issuing advisories on TS Sebastien. Expected track will take the TS or the remnants to the north, then northeast.

  9. Dave N says:

    I’ve lost faith in the profession of psychology, especially given the position of a number of their organizations regarding skeptics. My only hope is that, like climate science, while their organizations might have certain positions as a group, many of their members don’t share that position.

    • Gator says:

      I took a couple of Psych classes in college and quickly learned it is a profession full of quacks and weirdos. My Psych prof had a very public reputation of chasing girls less than half his age (caught a few each year by preying on the weak minded) while still “happily married”. He was the very definition of shameless, having found ways to justify his every indiscretion.

    • -B- says:

      Psychology is a tool of the state. It is where those who oppose the political power structure and narrative are declared to be “mentally ill” for holding the views they have. And much of mental illness is simply having coping mechanisms and seeing things in way society, or more the power structure that manages society does not approve of.

  10. richard says:

    Amazing really, one record hot temp has the MSM frothing for days. In the last few weeks in the US-

    “Arctic blast shatters hundreds of records – And it’s not over”

    Weird really as they like to call all weather events climate change but just cannot allow themselves to froth over all the record snow and cold temps being set as part of that meme. Problem is if they started where would it end. There have been a lot of snow and cold records set this year vastly outnumbering any record heat temps.

  11. Peter Carroll says:

    I was wondering, what Dr Candy’s field of “science” was, to be able to decry Tony as a “phony scientist”? Thanks to those who know.
    Psychologist. Shrink without a medical degree.

  12. Andy says:

    The two individuals who are taking Greta back across the Atlantic don’t own nor did they buy the catamaran they are on. The were given that brand new, $650,000+ catamaran because they had developed a popular YouTube channel and were good for advertising.

    I used to watch some of their videos, until I saw the one provided below. Notice the pretentious, and even snobby, attitude they have towards people who go on cruise ships. It all fits as to why they would give someone like Greta a lift.


  13. John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia says:

    Riley Whitelum, the owner, made his money on oil rigs to buy this yacht and set up his charter business. How ironic, Greta on a diesel-powered yacht paid for by ‘BIG OIL’, albeit indirectly. Aussie Riley sounds like a modern-day Errol Flynn (without Flynn’s excesses) after reading his bio and good luck to him, I say.
    “No, I didn’t have rich parents who bought a boat for me to sail around the world in. For eight long years, I worked offshore on oil rigs and in the mines of Western Australia, saving every dollar possible to be able to afford a halfway-decent Yacht.”

    • Andy says:

      Yes, he made money on oil rigs to buy his first yacht. Which was a monohull. Not the catamaran he and Elayna were given and are now sailing around the world on.

  14. John F. Hultquist says:

    I will add that if I were to be on a sailing vessel in the middle of a large ocean,
    Nikki Henderson would be right near the top of potential skippers.

    I once built and rowed a 10 ft. long pram (now gone), but I would have shared it with her.
    The question is, how did a top skipper get tangled up in the Greta mess?
    Maybe a friend of the owners?

  15. Petit_Barde says:

    Observation, data and data analysis are the basics of the scientific method.

    Dr Candy’s tweets show that he has no clue how science works.

    The climate circus parade get every day new characters.

  16. EternalOptimist says:

    ‘Hypocrisy is a fallacy’
    Dr Cady is making the argument that one does not need to take any personal responsibility , yet G Thunberg is making the exact opposite argument

    I do wish these doomsters would avail themselves of a single hymn sheet

  17. dennisambler says:

    I see that Dad is with her again, “Greta and Svante taught us how to play Yatze”


  18. Marcia says:

    The fallacy is the accusation of the speaker. This is different: The hypothesis is that a proposed solution is something that can be accomplished. The counterargument is that NOBODY, not even the proponents of the solution, have ben able to carry out the solution.
    Example: Someone tells me the road is passable. I am waiting at the far side. I know there are tens of thousands of cars that started their trip down that road. No cars get to where I am standing on the road on the far side.
    The conclusions include that thousands of drivers changed their minds, had car trouble or ran out of gas, or more likely, the road is not passable.
    That is not the hypocrisy argument, which has an element of ad hominem. Although each individual driver could be interviewed and asked why they didn’t complete the journey. If each of the thousands maintains that they chose a different route, but they are still flat-out certain the road is passable, there is still reason to doubt their assertion.

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