New Video : The Woman Who Didn’t Win The Nobel Prize

h/t Dave N

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7 Responses to New Video : The Woman Who Didn’t Win The Nobel Prize

  1. MGJ says:

    Nowadays the Nobel Peace prize is a dirty thing.

    In the UK we have the so-called Honours system, whereby people are nominated to become “Sir…”, “Lord…”, “Dame…etc. For the most part these titles go to sleazy crooks in return for services rendered, but in among them is usually one or two genuinely good people to add a bit of lustre.

    The Nobel Peace Prize doesn’t even bother with token good people any more. Just take a look at the catalogue of winners over the last few decades.

    • arn says:

      Well,Mick Jagger is a Sir

      Alber Sassoon who devastated China with the Opium Wars
      became a Sir in return(as the Opium Wars “reduced” the massive trade deficit britains with China.
      Of course Mr Sassoon was a philantroph.

      And the noble price?
      Which group is involved always in conflicts with others
      and has killed since end of WW2 millions of people??
      The same group that is permantly rewarded with the noble prize(almost all their noble prizes are peace prizes as they don’t add anything at all
      to the remaining disciplines)
      if the award does not go to some US war criminals as Obama or Kissinger or to push more propaganda for global warming
      or as award for the totalitarian EU.

  2. Michael Spencer says:

    Tony, this encapsulates the complete fraud of the climate cult!
    And it highlights the utter disgrace of the Nobel committee in making the choice they did ….
    “O wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world. That has such people in’t!” – Shakespeare, ‘The Tempest’

  3. Terry Shipman says:

    Tony, this is a difficult video to watch, especially the children wearing the stripped prison garb. I wish Al Gore could see it. He should really be proud of edging out a true hero. If he was half a man he would have declined the prize and asked that it be awarded to the woman. It makes me sick just thinking about it. Now I have even more reason to despise that man.

  4. GCSquared says:

    After reading about THIS miscarriage, I’m less surprised about Obama getting the prize before he even did anything. Evidently, “just because” is one of the personal qualifications.

  5. Robert Gipson says:

    I’ve seen a lot of injustice, abject injustice, but it is rare that something actually causes me to shiver with rage.

    I’m reminded of of the Discalced (barefoot) Carmelite nuns who willingly went to the guillotine–singing hymns–in the hopes it would stop Robespierre’s reign of terror. In doing so, they saved the lives of English Benedictine nuns and countless others. The Reign of Terror ended days after the barefoot nuns’ sacrifice. My point here is that for nearly 250 years the Roman Catholic Church has stubbornly refused to canonize the nuns, instead canonizing highly questionable individuals who were not martyred. At least they haven’t canonized Gore or Greta. As of this writing, that is.

  6. Dave the pilot says:

    Just another reason I won’t vote Democrat !

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