ABC News – 30 Years Is A Century

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has determined that a drought in Africa is the worst in century, and they know this because a guy in his 30s who sells tourist handicrafts told them so.


Victoria Falls slows to a trickle, fuelling fears of climate change – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Here is the same story from 1950.

08 Feb 1950, 5 – Sioux City Journal at

h/t Steve Milloy

This actually happens every year this time of year.

Drought, Heat, and Victoria Falls: A Climate Story with a Twist | Weather Underground

River Flows | Zambezi River Authority

Apparently 1992 may also have been more than a century ago.

02 Sep 1992, 17 – The Guardian at

Africa also had their worst drought in century in 1966, during the ice age scare.

20 Jan 1966, 12 – The Daily News-Journal at

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