New Video : Maldives To Drown – Every 30 Years

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6 Responses to New Video : Maldives To Drown – Every 30 Years

  1. Winsmost says:

    The video makes some good points. However, to really prove your thesis one needs to have an accurate account of how many islands there were in 1988 and how many there are today as well as the water levels. That is all that is really needed to form a general straight forward conclusion regarding climate change in that region.

  2. Terry Shipman says:

    These people must have no self-awareness of how foolish they look. But I’ve said before that teaching of critical thinking skills is lacking in public schools and colleges today. These people parrot this nonsense without looking at past history to see how past predictions have played out.

    They scream, The Models Tell Us…! They depend on people not looking back at 50+ years of failed predictions. The models have proved worthless.

    They could look at something simple like the tide gauge at the Battery in New York and see a modest but steady rise of between 2.5 and 3 mm per year since Abraham Lincoln was president. Then they could look at the 1989 prediction that New York’s West Side Highway would be under water by 2019. A reasonable person could conclude there has been something wrong with these predictions for a very long time.

    These people must have concluded I wasted my time getting a degree in history in 1974 where I was taught that a knowledge of the past can be a good guide to future events. How antiquated! We Know Better Now!

    • Gator says:

      These people must have no self-awareness of how foolish they look.

      One of the many talents of the modern leftist is the ability to be completely self-unaware. That goes hand in hand with their psychological projection prowess.

    • Mike says:

      There is never a winning argument or point of view as the goalpost changes constantly. I am in the building industry and have been essentially my whole career. With respect to the historical data and perspective particularly in the building industry they argue that history cannot be relied upon as the changes occurring now are significantly different. Quicker, more dramatic, etc… which as has been pointed out here is not actually the case. In fact, here in Canada the government has actually REMOVED 100 years of historical data as they’ve deemed it unreliable. So here in Canada… data has only existed since temperatures began a brief incline at the end of the 70’s. How convenient.

  3. Robertv says:

    The Great Blue Hole

    UNESCO World Heritage since 1996, the Great Blue Hole was first explored by Jacques Cousteau in 1972. The last great expedition in 2018 broadcasted live on Discovery Channel, featuring among others Sir Richard Branson (Virgin). Chief geologist André Droxler (Rice Univ.) analyzes the expedition in retrospective emphasizing the link Media-Science.

  4. -B- says:

    Global governance. Everything goes back to what the wealthy industrialists of the late 19th century and early 20th wanted time and time again. It’s the solution to every problem.

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