ABC News – 30 Years Is A Century

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has determined that a drought in Africa is the worst in century, and they know this because a guy in his 30s who sells tourist handicrafts told them so.


Victoria Falls slows to a trickle, fuelling fears of climate change – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Here is the same story from 1950.

08 Feb 1950, 5 – Sioux City Journal at

h/t Steve Milloy

This actually happens every year this time of year.

Drought, Heat, and Victoria Falls: A Climate Story with a Twist | Weather Underground

River Flows | Zambezi River Authority

Apparently 1992 may also have been more than a century ago.

02 Sep 1992, 17 – The Guardian at

Africa also had their worst drought in century in 1966, during the ice age scare.

20 Jan 1966, 12 – The Daily News-Journal at

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4 Responses to ABC News – 30 Years Is A Century

  1. Well Done Mr Heller. Expose the lies. I congratulate you.

  2. In 1902 a deal was struck to apportion water from the Niagara river for U.S. and Canadian industrial use. Edward Bok, of The Ladies Home Journal, published photos of boulder-strewn puddles to terrify readers that Niagara Falls were at the tipping point beyond which any dripping faucet would by comparison be a mighty river. I believe it was Heinlein who said “the depths of human stupidity have yet to be plumbed.”

  3. Anon says:

    Hi Tony,

    As you are into real data, here are the current and historic river flows of the Zambezi River at different stations. They very much look like the DMI data from Greenland, showing current flows vs historical flows, etc:


    Check it out for a few minutes, you may spot something interesting.


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