Before Jay Inslee

Forty years ago, Washington State had an actual scientist for governor. She recognized that both global warming and the ozone hole were scams.

05 Jun 1992, Page 4 – The Gettysburg Times at

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  1. Windsong says:

    Around 1977 I attended an annual recognition banquet in Seattle for King County’s volunteer search and rescue organizations. I was seated at a table that included some Sheriff’s deputies and Army National Guard officers. All of us were surprised when Gov. Ray walked into the room by herself. No security, no aides, no entourage, just herself. (There may have been a driver who stayed with her car, but she also may have driven up to Seattle alone.) She delivered some brief, on topic and very funny remarks. If Jay Inslee were to appear at similar event today, he would arrive with two Suburbans full of security, press secretary, and aides. And, then commence to warn us the Ski Patrol will be out of business soon, etc, etc. We have some other Washingtonians who check in here frequently, and I think they would agree: we need someone like Dixie Lee Ray to be our next governor.

  2. Thaipixie says:

    Please tell me… is anyone trying to convince Boris Johnson that his green delusions are just that… he is Warmist…. he needs educating….

  3. I remember her well. Dixie Lee was one of the movers and shakers in the pro-energy and civil defense movements. We had looter media pumping out fake news just as thick back then. One doc opera episode sought to vilify Doctors for Disaster Preparedness and Physicians for Civil Defense as surrender deniers. Networks wanted preemptive surrender to the communists (whose motives were altruistic)–perhaps out of fear that EMP might weaken their reality control. But one elected official could shoot down bullshit faster’n you could holler “pull!”

  4. Walter Gus Conrad says:

    On April 3, 1980, Democratic Governor Dixy Lee Ray declared a state of emergency banning access to Mount Saint Helens. She was risking her political career since many people thought she was wrong. Two weeks later the mountain exploded. Dixy’s ban saved thousands of lives.

  5. elly spark says:

    Yes, it took a while for it to be realized that the backscattering effect of particulate air pollutants was cancelling out the absorption effect of the increase in CO2 – not any longer.

  6. Colorado Wellington says:

    “Wouldn’t it be better for America if women weren’t discouraged from seeking office because of double standards, and we had more women seeking positions of power in higher office?” Obama said. “I’m pretty sure if we had more women in charge, things would work better.”

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