Everything Looks Like A Nail

“To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

– Mark Twain

Experts say that birds are shrinking and disappearing in North America, and that it is due to climate change – which is what they expected to find.

Why birds are shrinking in size | Salon.com

The article specifically blamed summer temperatures.

Shared morphological consequences of global warming in North American migratory birds – Weeks – – Ecology Letters – Wiley Online Library

The National Climate Assessment shows that summer temperatures have gotten much cooler in the US over the past century.


Temperature Changes in the United States – Climate Science Special Report

The US has been cooling for a century.

The frequency of warm and hot days has declined.

Summer starts later than it used to.

Summers end earlier than they used to.

Winters aren’t warming either.

Local Weather Forecast, News and Conditions | Weather Underground

Fall/winter snow extent is increasing, indicating that polar air masses are moving further south.

NorAm Fall

NorAm Winter

Migratory birds, by definition, live in a huge range of climates and temperatures. I took this picture of a Red Tailed Hawk in Boulder yesterday.

Here is one I took in Phoenix on New Years Day.

I took this Kestrel picture two days ago in Boulder.

Here is one I took in Phoenix in May during a week with 100 degree weather.

Northeast of Phoenix on New Years Day, 2019

Scottsdale on February 22, 2019.

West of Boulder on the first day of summer, 2019.


There are huge numbers of factors affecting birds, including habitat loss and pesticide usage. The authors assumed what they were seeing was due to climate change, without producing any evidence to support it. Here is another article discussing the same theories, which said that they don’t hold up to scrutiny.

Essay no. 4, American Kestrel — Montana Bird Advocacy

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.”

– Richard P. Feynman

Superstitions about climate lead to bad policy, which produce actual reductions in bird populations.

Microsoft Word – Altamont fact sheet 3.doc

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32 Responses to Everything Looks Like A Nail

  1. Gamecock says:

    What’s wrong with birds getting smaller*? Does it cause them pain?

    ‘It turns out polar ice sheets aren’t the only things shrinking thanks to climate change. Some birds are, too.’

    Which has killed more people, shrinking ice sheets (sic) or shrinking birds (sic)? It’s a close call, but the answer is C., the same: double-ought zero.

    *I don’t believe it for a second.

  2. J. Stuart Mill says:

    Watermelon Energy Program:
    1. Chop large birds to pieces with Don Quixote energy.
    2. Attribute the shift toward smaller average bird size to CO2
    3. Collect checks from Xi, Putin and Soros
    4. Lunch at STK with “diverse” NGO team…

  3. G W Smith says:

    It still amazes me that not so many years ago wind turbines killing so many birds would be a huge topic of complaint from environmentalists leftists, but today… crickets.

  4. James Snook says:

    I thought that I would look at the Center for Biological Diversity website to see if they had an updated version of the damning fact sheet on Altamont Pass turbines, but they have drunk the climate change cool aid.

    I was met with a picture of a fat, healthy polar bear family attached to a plea for donations to save them and nowhere is there anything critical of wind turbines, but quite the reverse, there is criticism of things like off-shore fracking (?!) and the tardiness in increasing solar panel installations around the country.


  5. Gerry Lalonde says:

    It seems that everyone is jumping onto the climate lunacy bandwagon these days.
    Hopefully it will take the ditch soon. On Wolf Island in the St .Lawrence the Ontario
    Government put up a bunch meat grinders; The bird experts were surprised at the
    number of birds being killed!? “Well we didn’t see that coming.”

  6. Andy says:

    The BBC did an article on this


    What actually is more interesting, to me, is the sentence –

    “Researchers analysed 70,716 specimens from 52 North American migratory bird species collected over 40 years.

    The birds had died after colliding with buildings in Chicago, Illinois.”

    why is there no comment on number of birds dying on hitting buildings?

    And for one who would prefer wind turbines than coal powered stations it makes a stark contrast to birds being mentioned all the time for them being hit in the blades.

    Rather than long term AGW effects, which I do believe is happening, but not to the extent of the clamour, it is mans effect on the environment that is the big issue.

    Greta would be far better advised to take up the habitat loss mantra for animals and poaching.

    I guess I am pissing in the wind on this mantra though. :(

    • Disillusioned says:

      “why is there no comment on number of birds dying on hitting buildings?”

      Good question. It appears BBC News doesn’t have a comment section below the article. But I’ll be happy to comment – thanks for bringing up yet another bird kill scenario that has nothing to do with Climate Change™.

      “I guess I am pissing in the wind on this mantra though.”

      One definition of insanity is when one keeps doing something over and over again, expecting different results. I suspect you will stop pissing on yourself when you have finally had enough. ;-)

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Greta would be far better advised to take up the habitat loss mantra for animals and poaching.

      She’s a figurehead, run by a professional syndicate, you simpleton.

    • Gamecock says:

      “And for one who would prefer wind turbines than coal powered stations”

      False dichotomy. Man cannot live on wind turbines alone.

    • spike55 says:

      Little andy, got any pictures of eagles being killed by coal fired power stations?

      Oh look, you’ve wet yourself, yet again.

      Always into the wind, and then stepping in your own BS.

  7. Ken Davis says:

    To a journalist with a hockey stick everything looks like climate change. Ken Davis – 2019

  8. Pete says:

    ok, let’s assume i’m slow on the uptake. how do i get a hold of that data those USHCN charts are based on? i need it so i can do the good work on social media. i need more than a picture to shut climate zealots down with- need the source data to go with it.

    • Disillusioned says:


      I don’t know whether you are a quick study or slow on the uptake. What I assume is you didn’t look in the big black box at the top of the page. Hint: UNHIDING THE DECLINE

      Good luck arguing with the alarmunists.

  9. Mark Luhman says:

    One would think the reintroduction of West Nile virus might also be a factor. Birds in North American did not have to deal with it for nearly forty years. Yet not a word on that.

  10. Michael Olsen says:

    According to the logic of the study, resident birds in Canada’s north, which is (supposedly) warming faster than the rest of the continent, should be shrinking even more quickly than migrants. Is that the case? What about resident birds in the southeast US, where it appears to be getting colder? Are the birds there getting bigger? It’s amazing what passes for “science” these days.

    • Disillusioned says:


      What amazes me is the vast numbers of people with no critical thinking ability to question the continual maze of non sequitur dead-ends the Climate Change™ cabal keep sending them down.

      What amazes me even more is when so many believers are presented with the myriad contradictions, if they have searched at all, they will provide links to lies from propaganda sites, like Skeptical Science (or a media organization) indicating they are an Apologist and not interested in science and actual facts – but only in protecting what they believe and very much wish to be true.

      • Terry Shipman says:

        It is tough to break through some people’s irrational beliefs, otherwise known as a false religion. One Sunday morning before church I got into a discussion with a lady who calls herself an environmentalist. She was against the construction of new oil pipelines because they could harm the environment. I pointed out that a new pipeline was much safer than any other form of transportation such as truck or rail. I told her this oil is going to be moved one way or another and our choice is whether or not we are going to use the most cost-efficient and safest method. Her response was, “well, you have your opinion and I have mine.” I should have responded, “you are entitled to your own opinion but not to your own facts.” This is a religion to some people and you can’t get through to them even with sound science. But I’m hoping the coming GSM will change minds. Perhaps when extreme cold causes gas pressure to drop in New York City the residents will give Andrew Cuomo the boot and clamor for the Williams pipeline to be approved. There is nothing like an unpleasant personal experience to change one’s mind about a preconceived notion.

  11. just a thought says:

    I particularly like your graphic “Change In Warmest Temperature Of The Year”. Very informative way of expressing the shift in temps, IMO. Kinda puts the kibosh on the “warmest year evah” meme they always trot out to try to scare us.


  12. richard says:

    “Experts say that birds are shrinking and disappearing in North America, and that it is due to climate change”

    Strange how it is not effecting human.

    The world’s population is increasing a million a week, the fastest in the far hotter 3rd world Countries not only that according to the World Obesity Federation a third of the world is now obese and the numbers are increasing. Obesity is prevalent in every country-

    “The most obese countries in the world are not necessarily the richest or the most developed ones. The U.S. and the UK, which are ranked 12th and 36th, respectively, indicate there is no direct relationship between obesity and a country’s economic status”

    This must be down to climate change causing the world to green and making food more plentiful.

    there are many reasons why a species change- “land-use change, barriers to migration, overexploitation ”

    the climate change meme has become rather tedious.

    “Humans and animals are constantly evolving — shedding less-favorable characteristics for features that maximize the odds of survival [source: ABC Science]. This process began with the very first living creatures and will continue until there’s no life left. What makes modern evolution so fascinating is that in some cases, it’s occurring at an accelerated rate. It’s often so fast that humans can see the changes in just a few generation”- you bet – I would say a single generation- In Japan they are eating more meat and growing taller.

  13. Jonathan Ranes says:

    “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.”

    – Richard P. Feynman

    I had never heard that before. Maybe one of the most profound things I have heard. I’m pretty sure Nietzsche would agree.

  14. Gerald Machnee says:

    How many Historical Climatology Network Stations are there:
    1) Worldwide?
    2) in USA?

  15. just a thought says:

    Birds are shrinking is size?

    It isn’t just birds, Tony. Everything around me is so much smaller than when I was 3 years old. Why, if this keeps up, with every generation, there won’t be anything left before long. Then where will we all be, huh?!

  16. David Appell says:

    Why did you leave out snow cover for Spring North America snow cover? Because it’s declining:


    NorAm Summer is declining even faster. Eurasia Spring is also declining very fast.

    Northern Hemisphere snow extent is declining by -19,000 km2/yr, over the entire data record.

    Leaving out the data you don’t like is why no one trusts you or your name.

  17. Crashex says:

    Doesn’t a reduction in mass and a bit longer wing make the bird a more efficient flier? If you’re evolving through generations to be a better bird, aren’t these the kind of subtle changes you might expect to find? Since the leg length is not of a particular benefit for flying, wouldn’t a smaller leg reduce drag and make the bird more efficient in the air?

    Why would this have anything to do with a subtle shift in the average temperature when the bird lives through such a vast range of temperatures?

    Attribution to the One-Cause-Of-Everything has really destroyed the critical thinking skills of our scientists.

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