More Concern About Sea Level Rise

Billionaire Steven Schonfeld buys Florida mansion for $111 million

Barack and Michelle Obama buying $14.85M Martha’s Vineyard estate

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14 Responses to More Concern About Sea Level Rise

  1. G W Smith says:

    Tony – I thought you might like this:
    A Brief History of Colorado Through Time (Geology of Colorado)
    It looks like sea level has changed quite a bit throughout history, probably due to the ebb and flow of carbon dioxide.

  2. gregole says:

    Well I’ll be waiting for the catastrophic sea-level rise to be flooding out these fatcats. But I’m not holding my breath.

  3. Seems like I remember Obama already had a beachfront property in Hawaii. If so, this makes two. Speaking of Hawaii, I recently took a look at coastal sea level measurements at long-term sites in conjunction with collocated or nearby continuous GPS vertical land motion measurements around the globe. The best site I found was Honolulu Hawaii, where there is a collocated CGPS that indicates little vertical motion in recent years (maybe some slight subsidence) and the sea level rise rate there is a very steady 1.49 +/- 0.21 mm/year (no acceleration as might be expected if there was an influence from accelerating CO2 levels). That translates to only about 15 cm or 6 inches over 100 years and should be representative of global absolute sea level change. Hardly alarming and no worse than what humans have dealt with already. More details here if you are interested:

    • Cornelius says:

      I specifically remember their friends buying an oceanfront property on the main island recently, which had been used for the fictional Robin’s Nest on the Magnum PI show.

      Somehow it’s protected from the fiction of accelerating sea level rise.

      • Disillusioned says:

        Protection from fiction. Now, that’s a head spinner.

        They know their followers/worshipers aren’t very bright at all, thusly they will never question the myriad non sequiturs.

        Well, about… 97% of them, that is. About 3% of us do end up questioning and eventually become disillusioned by the constant parade of anti-science scaremongering.

  4. Lance says:

    I bought ‘ocean’ front property in Arizona…does that qualify?

  5. Peter Carroll says:

    Eight new resorts opening in 2019 in, The Maldives! Source, Google.

  6. rah says:

    It appears that comparing old maps/charts to current ones that Martha’s Vineyard has actually gained land mass over the last 150 years.

  7. Dick Merrill says:

    My topo. map shows their property at about 9 feet above sea level. I guess they will be the first to go underwater. Bet they have taxpayer funded flood insurance!

  8. Logic n reason says:

    Could someone explain to me why a property with 11 bedrooms needs 22 bathrooms (I assume this is also an American euphemism for lavatory but still…!).

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