New Video : Doing The Right Thing

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  1. Please link your Youtube account to Bitchute. No extra work required. YouTube videos are automatically archived once you set it up. They even have a tool for archiving your existing library.

    Youtube is going to delete you sooner rather than later and it would benefit us all for your videos to remain available.

  2. Kurt in Switzerland says:

    Powerful video, Tony!

    I’ve been a fan of yours for years.

    Has this Mallen Baker fellow ever offered to debate you? I reckon Ma Baker and his friends at YouTube may see an uptick in Baker’s site visits on our about 15 Dec., having been redirected from somewhere else…. no names mentioned.

    Eric Blair’s prophesy in realtime. It is real and it has been confirmed. The Ministry of Truth is a thriving behemoth. And by the way, the next time Mikey Mann instructs someone not to trust you since you committed the apparent crime of writing under a pseudonym, ask him if he respects the work of Eric Blair.

    You’re on a roll. The truth will prevail over the tired narrative (which is why they brought in a carbon-shunning autistic teenager ostensibly ‘above reproach’, therefore unfair to criticize). Their message has run its course and they are scared (of losing importance, not of a future destabilized climate).

  3. gofer says:

    Speaking of doing the right thing, Rebel News made a video of the inside of the Teska used by Greta while she was here. It was full of single use plastics and when they showed it to her lemming followers, they refused to believe it. Hilarious watching them sputtering and denying. Btw, the believers are exactly what you would expect, over-privileged “wokes”, 20 something’s hanging out in Madrid.

    It’s a fun watch….

  4. gofer says:

    Tony, I have been posting here off and on for years. Why do my comments take hours or days to show up?

  5. Klaus says:

    I am also a huge fan of yours, Tony! Never give up!

  6. Dion MacDonald says:

    Hey Tony, it’s a rookie mistake when you name your videos. If you use your name first and then the title of your video then Google will rank you higher. For example when you search “Scorsese” the prolific director you don’t get his trailers or movies you get recent interviews etc. A simple fix. There’s also other ways you can increase your SEO rankings such as speaking to someone in marketing, they might also be able to fix your twitter issue.

    • arn says:

      The rookie “mistake” somehow is no more.

      Usuall,when using google on my device and searching for tonys website(realclimatescience)
      he is either ranked 4th or 5 th
      behind some “official” science.

      But now i did the same,
      and all of a sudden Tony appeared on Top.

      • Dion MacDonald says:

        That’s your browser history kicking in and identifying your preferences. Prior to that it’s all SEO driven. No conspiracy just online marketing 101.

  7. JPinBalt says:

    It is a propaganda war with lots of brainwashed people not understanding science virtue signaling, plus lots of “climate change” money and “solutions” involved, e.g. Tesla and tax credits for cars which produce more CO2 considering upstream coal powered electricity power plants.

    Science will eventually prevail.

    Current anomaly at the highest quality pristine USHCN stations installed in 2005/1 as of 2019/11 is -1.42°F,
    So if I cherry pick and extrapolate, ice age coming with mile of ice on top of Chicago in 60 years, ice age climate catastrophe by 2080. Yea right, but will be honest and the change in temperature is statistically insignificant, CO2 is irrelevant for longer time series if include other variables, TSI, cloud cover, relative humidity, F tests. Ice age is more like 10,000 or 15,000 years off in future abet small cooling period next 30 years best estimate.

    Tony, keep up the good work, but as constructive criticism, keep to the science and data as opposed to too much reliance on old newspaper articles old record to debunk the meme or borg.

    You can also use mirrored proxies to break through the censorship.

    If you can get a pro bono lawyer, send some paperwork to sue the internet bigwigs.

    • KevinPaul says:

      I disagree about the newspaper articles. Alarmists take advantage of our short life experience compared to the much longer climate cycle frequency. News articles from our Grandparents and their parents day dispels alarm, since there’s actually nothing new under the sun.

      Tony is countering the Orwellian Ministry of Truths ploy, “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past,” by using the past against them to direct the future back to the real truth.

      These social media organisations are very well organised shepherds of the powerful Neo-Bolshevik cartel intent on imposing global socialism. It is amazing what Tony has accomplished and may he grow in strength and outreach to liberate as many as possible to the truth.

    • Terry Shipman says:

      There are plenty of sites, such as Principia-Scientific International, that deal in hard science. Tony provides an invaluable service by providing historical research. As one who has a degree in history I appreciate the service he provides. Alarmists count on people being ignorant of the past. Busted predictions need to be rubbed in the face of the alarmists. How many times are they going to drown the Maldives before they realize the oceans aren’t rising over about 2.5 to 3 mm a year? A knowledge of the past is a key to understanding future possibilities. No, Tony is operating this site exactly as it should be.

    • Robertv says:

      We are in an Ice Age right now. Just a little bit colder like before 1850 (Greta’s Utopia) could do the trick. Her country would really benefit from it like the ‘Skating the Thames’ club in London.

  8. GeologyJim says:

    Taking flak means you are near the target, so keep up the offense

    Great content Tony! Your videos are very crisply edited and your measured tone of voice is a welcome contrast to the screaming alarmists

    Well done

  9. Robertv says:

    I suppose it’s your toxic masculinity.

  10. Mats Rosengren says:

    You should have a complete list of ALL your YouTube videos on your homepage! Then YouTube cannot hide anyting from your regular followers! And I believe that most new viewers come from recommendations from existing followers anyway, less often through random YouTube recommendations!

    Another matter is, what crooked and dumb ideas make YouTube run this absurd game?

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