New Video : Potholer’s Latest Strawman

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  1. Tom says:

    Totally disingenuous ads on DC Metro stations. There are 4 Of them but apparently I can only upload one at a time.

  2. I would really love to hear that debate Tony. I know you would win hands down. It would be a delight to watch or listen to.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. anothermaninthemirror says:

    Just as you say Tony!! This certainly sounds like bad news, and the WaPo has plenty of company in bewailing it.

    “A consortium of 89 scientists released in the journal Nature on Tuesday a study showing that Greenland’s enormous ice sheet is losing seven times as much ice now as a quarter-century ago. Greenland’s melting has already driven up sea levels by more than a centimeter, with much more to come.”

    All quite dire, no doubt, and apparently a phenomenon that every right-minded person should be lamenting. Greenland’s ice sheet thawed in 2019 at a scary rate? We’d all better drop everything and pay attention.

    And we would if it wasn’t for the fact that climate alarmists and their media chorus deplored the same terrible news in 2018 (“Greenland’s ice sheet is melting at its fastest rate in centuries”).
    And in 2017 (“As Greenland Melts, Where’s the Water Going?”).
    And in 2016 (“Greenland is Melting”).
    And in 2015 (“Greenland Is Melting Away”).
    And in 2014 (“Greenland ice sheet loses its last grip”).
    And in 2013 (“Why Greenland’s Melting Could Be the Biggest Climate Disaster of All”).
    And in 2012 (“Rare Burst of Melting Seen in Greenland’s Ice Sheet”).
    And in 2011 (“Greenland ice loss continues to accelerate”).
    And in 2010 (“New melt record for Greenland ice sheet”).
    And in 2009 (“Greenland’s shrinking ice hurts native tribe”).

    Such stories appear at around this time every year, the world- ending by climate change never quite seem to materialize.

    This article has all the Url’s to all the above reports…. ?.

  4. Aussie says:

    Best of luck with Potholer but open debate does not appear to be his style. I accidentally ran across him some time back as did a friend of mine at a later date. We are both knowledgable on climate, she more than me.

    I could say more but Potholer seems to do best in bamboozling the ignorant but when people know what they are talking about it just gets tiresome to deal with him.

    My view is that he will not engage with you as he would lose. But lets see…

  5. Eric Hatfield says:

    Careful. I think people are misinterpreting what Potholer objected to in his video. I watched the first half of it. Neither the short term advance nor the long term retreat of the glacier is disputed by either of them. What he objected to was Tony’s assertion that scientists were ignoring the recent growth and he showed documentation that noted such growth. Potholer also mentioned (in passing anyway) he wasn’t real fond of the media’s portrayal of the situation either. So both were in agreement on that point. He was also concerned about the cracks that may cause a major calving event resulting in the glacier retreating even further some time in the relative near future. Tony did not address that objection (that scientists are ignoring the recent growth) in this video. I do remember Tony mentioning the cracks in his earlier video.

    Be that as it may what people have to realize is glacier behavior really doesn’t tell you whether the climate is warming or cooling. It only tells you what the climate is relative to a threshold needed to allow the glacier to advance. The climate itself can be cooling and the glacier will retreat as long as the climate stays warmer (and drier) than the threshold. Likewise an advancing glacier will continue to advance as long as the climate stays colder and wetter than the threshold even if the climate is warming. Any crossing of the threshold has to last long enough to overcome the glacier’s lag time to change the glacier’s behavior significantly. WRT this glacier I don’t know what the lag time is. Let’s suppose it’s 50 years since it does tap the Greenland ice sheet. The climate could have cooled for the last 20 years and the glacier would have continued to retreat as long as the climate remained above the threshold. Even if it did cross the threshold say 10 years ago, you probably wouldn’t see significant growth for a few more decades (in this example) unless the change was real dramatic.

  6. Matt D says:

    why did you not post my comments?
    I fail to understand why asking about removing comments from youtube videos is unsatisfactory?

    It is rather disappointing

  7. K. Mitchell says:

    Always great, Tony.
    Greenland question:

    You use the chart at polarportal to show Greenland icemass balance:

    In another tab, it shows decline in ice since 2004.
    Can you explain how both of these can make sense? I don’t get it and need your expertise.
    Is ice increasing or decreasing over time in Greenland?

  8. Starley R Shelton says:

    I recently had a conversation with Mr Potholer. I found his arguments weak factually and logically, and not that knowledgeable. Makes me wonder why he has any credibility.

    • Bob Dobbs says:

      You should post the arguments. Your argument here is weak factually (because you don’t give any facts) and can’t be assessed on either logic or knowledge, because you don’t show that either.

      “Makes me wonder why he has any credibility.”

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