One Dimensional Thinking

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  1. Don Vickers says:

    Funny how the 1940’s warming is described by “climate scientists” as a “blip” and the current warming is described as “catastrophic”

    • Disillusioned says:

      Don, that’s one of the non sequiturs that eventually led me down the road to disillusionment. Another – no accountability for any of their many failed predictions. As their junk science dominoes fall, they go right on fearmongering and falsely claim it’s now even worse than previously thought. They seem to have no shame nor any fear of ever being held accountable; they are the quintessential protected class. This game was rigged a long time ago.

  2. Logic n Reason says:

    Ms Tobin does have a degree in meteorology but spent several years at the BBC and Met office. This is why she has done so well. She’s been brainwashed in following the agenda ( and no doubt picked up rather hefty pay checks) and due to her fame and z list celebrity status she foregoes the integrity and honesty of a true scientist. If she challenged the media or Met office she would be out of a job.However I should mention that Ms Tobin is mentioned in the Guinness Book of World for filling and folding 11 pancakes in 60 seconds.[6] She broke the record in February 2017. Maybe a new career as a Celebrity chef might be the answer.

  3. Don Vickers says:

    Talk about accountability ,there was a government scientist appointed by Australia’s first female Prime Minister called Tim Flannery ( we call him Flim Flam Flannery) he told every one in oz that there would be no more rain to fill our dams for all the capital cities we were all going to die of thirst.
    12 months later after every capital had built a desalination plant ( on his advice costing millions) we had the worst flooding in Brisbane on record (the only plant operating is in S.A. due to bushfires) The dams at the moment are fine even during a drought. The man has no shame ( and no qualifications in climate science ) yet still sprouts his dogma on the climate council of Australia. No shame no accountability.

  4. Iggie says:

    Fot the past four days of the Boxing Day test match in Melbourne, all days under 30C. Lucky it finished a day early otherwise it would have been the hottest test ever.

  5. Xavier H. says:

    From a “tempore non suspecto” here a testimony published in D. Appleton’s “Guide-Book to Alaska and the Nordwest Coast” by E. R. Scidmore, New-York, 1893, page 104-105 (facsimile page 148): “The rate of recession” proving that the Glacier Bay has advanced and receded in times past with different climatic conditions (photographs by Prof. Reid 1890/92):

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