Thank you!

People have been extremely generous this month, and are making it possible for me to not work, and do what I want to do with climate. I have been focused on content, and have not done a good job thanking people individually. Working on that today.

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  1. Matt D says:

    why did you remove commenting abilities on your youtube channel?
    comment sections are so much fun, regardless of the opinions of the commenters

  2. Matt D says:

    also, Hello from Aurora!
    Thanks for your tireless efforts. Imagine how many views you would get if those pesky communists weren’t adjusting algorithms and suppressing views!

    • Mark Raymond says:

      Hello, can you say more about the link between communism and people who publish data on climate change? I’m genuinely curious.

  3. Alfred Strauch says:

    Last year was very cold in Canada. Can you provide a review of the annual temperature levels so that the temperature cannot be manipulated by the others.

  4. GeologyJim says:

    Tony –

    People are being generous because you are generating great content and analysis. You are also clearly effective because you are receiving flak from the usual sources. Great job!!

    I set up a monthly contribution of $100, so that ought to cover beer and puppy chow at least 😏😎. Gotta feed Toto!

  5. Dear Tony,

    Thank you so much! Individuals like you who care very much about the environment are not only very refreshing but inspirational as well! If there are 100 items important to climate change, i.e. economic climate, political climate, social climate, environmental climate and just weather-like climate, etc…, they all are important but we certainly do not have to lie about carbon dioxide to get positive change done. The whole damn world is doing it. It’s silly. And we need to stop it!

    Thank you so much for your great work and determination!



  6. Mats Rosengren says:

    Dear Tony
    At some time I found on your homepage that you use data from “DAILY GLOBAL HISTORICAL CLIMATOLOGY NETWORK (GHCN-DAILY)” that can be found on
    I downloaded the data and used it for several computations like for example
    In one of your latest YouTube contributions you displayed similar historical data for Australia! Is there a similar FTP site with historical Australian temperature readings? Sure, I tried Google but only found
    There must be something better with ALL data that you are using yourself and which I did not find!
    Large appreciation for your excellent work!

  7. Russell Cook says:

    Alas, no donation from me because I’m still at a sub-poverty level of existence, and this year I’ve had to live about 99% on my dwindling savings while continuing my GelbspanFiles blog work. I’ve already easily thanked my donors because there have been that few of ’em (which includes a weeks-old switch to a free room & board housing arrangement courtesy of family members). My living expenses will be better for the duration, and my fortunes may change in the next year, too, if anyone big decides to go after the main characters who’ve been pushing the false ‘Big Oil-funded skeptics’ accusation.

  8. Don Gaetano says:

    I am a very small contributor at this point, regrettably.
    I’ll say, “the workman is worthy of his labors.” Thanks Tony for all you’re doing.

  9. Matt D says:

    4 comments, 3 responses. Why did you not approve my previous comment about youtube comment ability removal?

    I was kind and thankful for your work, but simply asked a question. Why would that be censored? I am very thankful for your continued efforts, which was essential in the journey from true believer to climate realist…but that is all unrelated to censorship.

    I would hope that you would recognize the danger of censorship, considering the topic you cover and how anything skeptical of the official priesthood narrative is essentially censored.

  10. Matt D says:

    oh bother. It appears it never submitted? Please delete this and my previous comments outside of the first comment. I made a significant error, considering you are probably busy and just haven’t gotten around to moderating. My apologies.

    although I still wonder why you disabled youtube comments

  11. Don Beckett says:

    You’re doing a great job spreading the message on the global warming myth. Surely those is power must wake up soon, as the evidence demonstrates their fraud.
    Here in NZ our leftist government is trying to force us to “lead the world” in becoming carbon neutral by various means – they have stopped any further mining of coal and cancelled oil/gas exploration permits – all this when with a population of 5 million people, we account for something like 0.04% of world carbon emissions, if even that. What a bunch of tossers they are.
    Keep up the good work.

  12. James Snook says:

    It is such a relief to know that you are at least able to continue your important work into 2020. Small donation sent – you must not be silenced.

  13. Neil Vokes says:

    Keep up the great work! Have you seen this video on YouTube which appeared yesterday – it examines the use of temperature “anomalies” : “The Top Climate Crisis Scam of 2019”

  14. Jim says:

    I downloaded your app–Thanks!
    It appears to be unusable however because one could legitimately dismiss its results by saying: “Of course it shows a decline. As more stations have been brought online, it shows that the average station latitude has moved northward, which would move the average temperature lower; and it shows that the average station elevation has moved higher, which would move the average temperature lower.”

  15. Seeking truth says:

    Happy new year Tony. I recently started reading about the climate change debate looking for answers as a concerned non scientist citizen (lawyer) and your blog addresses some of the most important questions troubling me. Why do govt websites directly contradict facts alleged by Roy Spencer Judith Curry and the like? Was there a pause or not? Did all these historically hottest years occur in the middle of it? Your startling conclusions need Climategate scale evidence like whistleblower-leaked emails and computer files or congressional or justice dept subpoenas with compliance overseen by appropriate personnel not involved in the alleged misconduct. It is only that kind of evidence that can alter the course of this climate emergency juggernaut. This is very important muckraking work.

  16. Bob says:

    Q regarding volcanic activity, specially ocean floor activity. Admittedly I have only done a very superficial scan, what I have found troubles me that most scientific work concentrates on land based volcanic activity and even more specifically aerosols.

    I found a “Scientists believe that 80 percent of the volcanic eruptions on Earth take place in the ocean. Most of these volcanoes are thousands of feet deep, and difficult to find.” (

    It is a hugely difficult task to monitor volcanoes thousands of feet below the surface. How can anyone claim credit to modeling ocean CO2 gassing without better understanding magnitude and effects of magma outflows which could be 80% of volcanic activity?

    El Niño and La Niña are difficult to predict in timing and magnitude which further suggests caution when claiming model accuracy.

  17. Scott says:

    No, Tony, THANK YOU! The pleasure is all OURS! :)

    Given the time of year, how about two differently slanted snow survey reports based on the same data from Phillips Station. Of course the dour sounding LA Times report quotes the obligatory climate change mantra, as uttered by the chief snow surveyor. I’m certain he’s a well-qualified and informed scientist. Maybe not. Meanwhile, the Sac Bee report celebrates the data:

    latimes dot com/california/story/2020-01-02/california-snowpack-measurement-2020-boosted-recent-storms

    sacbee dot com/news/weather-news/article226925759 dot html

  18. Stuart London says:

    More evidence of climate change. This from the court papers of Henry VIII January 1528 [*my comment in parentheses]

    3761. SCARCITY.
    Considerations as to the dearness of all manner of victuals:—
    1. The King’s foreign wars, which have continued for two or three years, have been one cause of dearth. 2. The year that the war ended there was as great a rot and murrain among cattle as has been seen for 40 years before … 3. There have been three or four marvellously dry summers, which produced surfeits *[execess numbers] among the cattle and sheep, owing to the scarcity of grass and lack of hay and water. In many parts of England cattle had to be driven five or six miles to water, a thing that had not been seen by any man now living. 4. Owing to this there were little or no fat cattle in the common fields from Michaelmas to Martylmas, as there usually are. 5. The lack of fodder has prevented husbandmen from breeding lambs or calves, and those that were bred were hunger bitten, and worth little, except those bred in pasture. 6. In times past, after wars or murrains, the killing of lambs and calves was restrained, but no such order has been made since this dearth began. 7. The great droughts in summer and frosts in winter have destroyed the freshwater fish and fowl in the fens, so that they are at treble their usual price. 8. Pork is very scarce, owing to the dearth of beans, pease, and mast. It was necessary to use pease for the horses and beasts, but, nevertheless, many horses died. 9. The dearth of cattle has also been the cause why all “pultree ware and whit meyte” have been so dear. 10. Regraters and forestallers of cattle have been another cause. In Wales, Cheshire, Lancashire, and the North, where beasts are bred, no grazier can buy either lean or fat beasts, except at third or fourth hand. 11. Notwithstanding all this, “thanked be God, all thing is plentiful at this day as ever it was, and like to be if God send seasonable weathers, also if the pastures at this day may continue, and then can dearth never long continue,” …

  19. CPSJ says:

    Dear Tony,
    It would really help if people could download the various informative videos you post. You Tube and Real appear to be unable to recognise a request or say ‘no video present’. Is there a way?
    Particularly good is the reference back to so many publications, newspapers, reports etc. Do you ever give the URL to the item?
    Keep up the good work – it must be good as I hear no alarmist even begin to argue against facts from long ago. They must be alarmed at such knowledge.


  20. udaiziin says:

    My recurrent payment “failed” with paypal – I made another one but I am guessing paypal is trying to impede your ability to fundraise.

  21. Michael Burgess says:

    So few people control so much…YouTube, PayPal, Google (and other search-engines), Apple and FaceBook….arguably, a handful of folks who disagree with us control our very ability to have honest discourse. What can be done to know we are not being censored at every turn??

  22. Pete says:

    Why have you shut off comments on your videos?

  23. Dagmar Becker says:

    Hello Tony,
    are you aware that your January 6th video “NASA confirms their own “conspiracy theory”” is marked by Utube as “made for kids”?
    Instead of the “climate change” badge of honor, a banner appears below the video saying “try Utube for kids” with a button next to it. Honi soit qui mal y pense…
    But when you minimize the video the playback stops. another banner appears saying “miniplayer is off for videos MADE FOR KIDS, tap to resume”.
    Please keep up the good work Tony!

  24. Charlie Clelland says:

    Thanks for all your great work.
    The climate psychos are out and about trying to undermine the idea of multidecadal oscillations in the world’s oceans attributing the data to “noise” and “we know better – because computers”.
    The article starts quite well but then pulls in the controversial Prof (“hockey stick”) Mann and it falls apart pretty badly.

  25. Justsomedad says:

    Thanks for all the hard work Tony. Because today is David Bowie’s birthday I thought it might be appropriate to give his 1971 song “Five Years”a listen. Seems the science was settled even back then.

  26. Bryn Duffy says:

    Thank you, Tony! Your name will be in the history books as someone who pushed back with real data and real scientific skepticism. “How dare you!”

  27. Neal KONNEKER says:

    Thank you for all you do. Please debunk the following:

    I noticed several fallacies and dirty tricks but I’m sure you can do better.

  28. Arno says:

    Hi Tony, is there any way I can get in touch with you? Yesterday BBC has posted this article:

    Some serious errors/deceptions in here. I assume you can see my e-mail from this response if you want to get in touch: Got some interesting data for you.

    Cheers Arno

  29. Rick Hartman says:

    I would happily give you a small monthly donation, as I’m sure would others if you signed up for I support several other creators that way and would gladly add you to that list.


  30. Bart Janssens says:

    Screenshot on Monday (picture). Look at the changed data for 74-75 in table.

  31. Bart Janssens says:

    Old data.

  32. Bart Janssens says:

    Data Monday.

  33. Bart Janssens says:

    Or this one?

  34. Rick M says:

    Great Work!
    Had some issues with Paypal also, but got the donation made.
    A small token of my appreciation.

  35. Raphael says:

    Climate-fears – long time ago:

    The well-known rune stone from Rök in Sweden could have been built according to the latest scientific findings for fear of a climate catastrophe. The rune stone of Rök was built in the ninth century by Vikings near Lake Vättern in southern Sweden. With more than 700 runes, it has the longest known rune inscription on its five sides.
    Science assumes that it was built in memory of a dead son. However, the exact meaning could not be deciphered until today, since parts of the inscription are missing and various rune alphabets were also used. Some scientists believe that the stone speaks of Theodoric the Great, who ruled in the Ostrogothic Empire, today’s Italy, in the sixth century.

    Now researchers from various disciplines at three Swedish universities have presented a new interpretation. They suspect that the author placed his son’s death in a broader context and relates to the danger of another extreme cold period, similar to the dramatic climate change in 536 AD. At that time, a series of volcanic eruptions led to a drastic drop in temperature, poor harvests and famines. It is estimated that around half of the population on the Scandinavian peninsula died.

    According to the researchers, the memory of this drastic event could have been passed down from generation to generation and found its way into mythology. The battles mentioned on the stone could not be actual fighting, but the “conflict between light and dark, heat and cold, life and death”, write the scientists.

    In the ninth century, there were also a number of events that could have “extremely threatened” the author. “A strong solar storm colored the sky in dramatic shades of red, the harvest suffered from an extremely cold summer, and later there was a solar eclipse,” said Bo Graslund, professor of archeology at Uppsala University. This could have raised the fear of a so-called fimbul winter. The Fimbul winter describes in the Nordic mythology an ice age with three severe winters, which Ragnarök, the downfall of the gods, ushered in.

  36. Kevin Clowers says:

    I can find no language to convey my appreciation and esteem for your ongoing efforts here. You are absolutely a star and I commend you in the strongest terms I can find. Thank You truly.

  37. Michael Wood says:


    I sent my first small donation to you last month. I will be sending another on Friday this week ( my next pension day)
    Have you a moment to pass comment on this please?
    It seems so extreme, I don’t know what to think!

  38. David Terrie says:


    I was listening to the Scott Adams podcast today and he repeated a claim that due to the ocean being warmer in some places than others we’d see more see level rise in some places and less in others, all else being equal (paraphrase of course). He also noted that a finance guy from Black Rock was concerned about rising oceans and that this might have a big impact on the loan market. Big claim. This got me thinking about how much difference it would make and I found this site:

    It has volume increasing by .000522 if the ocean warmed 1 degree from its current temperature. This would seem to make his claim effectively bunk. It also got me thinking about the fact that melting ice shrinks in volume.

    This might be a good topic to tackle. If anyone could ferret out the truth, it would be you.

  39. Caroline says:

    Hello Tony, and warmest congratulations from Hamburg, Germany (14° C at midday, 15 January 2020). Here we have just been told “Klimahysterie” (climate hysteria) has been chosen as the un-word of 2019.
    I need your advice please, and am sending this as a comment as maybe others can help too:
    I was fascinated by your graph-making software and tried to get it going on my macbook, but although the data was processed no graph came up. When I typed the command line you mentioned into the terminal window, I got this:
    Carolines-MBP:ghcnd_hcn carolinexyz$ python3 US.txt summer text=”USHCN”
    xcrun: error: invalid active developer path (/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools), missing xcrun at: /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/bin/xcrun
    … On the other hand, the .exe file on my Windows 7 partition worked beautifully. What step have I missed on the Mac?
    Many thanks! Caroline

  40. the_perk says:

    Saw this article about the smoke from the Australian bushfires making a full circuit around the globe on a business/job networking site today. Reading the comments made my eyes roll. Thought you might be able to use it as fodder.

  41. David Smith says:

    Hey Tony,

    Really enjoy your videos! Thought you might be interested in a “Climate Action Speaker Event” titled: Defining radical in the age of humans. Speaker is Rob Davies (PHD, Physics Professor, Utah State University. The event is being held at Colorado Mountain College in Breckenridge January 24 at 7pm.

  42. Kevin says:

    Great job Tony, please keep up the good work, we need to shut these climate alarmist nutters down, they refuse to accept science and the historical record..

  43. James Gates says:

    I thought you would find this interesting. Thank you for your efforts.

  44. Martin says:

    Tony, if you haven’t seen this, this is full of wonderful DATA from Dr. Willie Soon:

  45. john dawson says:

    hi Tony I’m a great fan of your work I’ve noticed how even my great BBC is selective in it’s message example Dec 2019 Venice Italy record floods (attributed to global warming) but the empty canals 1 month later Jan 2020 are due to low tides no mention of global cooling!

  46. Andy Marks says:

    Hi Tony
    Please rebut Mallen Baker (again!) who says, Yes, CO2 is heat-saturated, but only close to Earth’s surface. In the upper atmosphere, he says, something or other happens (magic?) to negate this saturation. (It seems like so much straw-clutching) He cloaks himself in the garment of reasonableness, yet always lands firmly on the consensus view.

  47. William Davies says:

    Great Vid about the 97% that Obama misquoted and everyone else has used ever since.

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