The Impacts Of Climate Fraud Are Becoming More Visible

Most glacial shrinkage in Austria occurred before 1950. This is a natural process 

The National Geographic Archive | November 1976 | page 1

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16 Responses to The Impacts Of Climate Fraud Are Becoming More Visible

  1. Matthew says:

    But verification and fact checking are so passé…

    Sigh, what was it about being doomed to repeat history?

  2. G W Smith says:

    Another home run, Tony!

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Her timing is exquisite.

    Austria avalanche: Skier survives five hours in ‘Christmas miracle’ (BBC, 27 Dec 2019)

    The guy must’ve been buried under an avalanche of fake snow.

  4. lance says:

    You hurt that snow flake….HOW DARE YOU.

  5. David from Canada says:

    Hard to tell from the grainy picture, but the photo posted by @Lauratobin looks more like melting snowbanks. Some of the large snowbanks at high latitudes (or altitude) only melt in late summer, exposing bare outcrop. Annual exposure to air and sun is too short to allow new growth of vegetation. The cycle goes on year after year… see that all the time in the Arctic.

  6. MFKBoulder says:

    the glacial shrinkage in Austira was not going on for 20000 years.

    The glacier advanced during LIA and again in the 1920s and in 1970/80s, with shrinking between these periods.

    Stating that glacier retreat in the euopean alps is not related to climatic change is baltantly wrong (I do NOT refer to CO2 changes).

    • rah says:

      He did not say “glacial shrinkage has been going on for the last 20,000 years”. He said the process has been going on, meaning since the last peak of the last glacial period during the Pleistocene Epoch. Though there have been times glaciers have advanced since then the general trend has always been melting and glaciers receding since that time.

  7. richard says:

    Spare a thought for those in Iceland this christmas-

    “Th­ere has never been snow even similar like this,” says Val­geir Þor­valds­son. “When we were build­ing these houses, you did not think that you would have to sho­vel these roofs like this. I think the snow is nine meters (more than 29 feet!) deep.”

  8. Johansen says:

    Glaciers up in the Alps are shrinking…. My God we need to drop everything immediately and shred the Constitution and impose One World Government. Umm… can I have the contract for printing the new money?

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