Tough Times For Climate Alarmists

Arctic sea ice growth so far this month has been the fastest on record, and ice extent is nearly “normal.” It is going to be difficult blaming this year’s winter weather on missing Arctic ice.

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut


Index of /DATASETS/NOAA/G02135/north/daily/images/2019/12_Dec/

The center of the Greenland ice sheet is -62 degrees this afternoon.


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14 Responses to Tough Times For Climate Alarmists

  1. Brian D says:

    A little bit of Greenland weather showing up this week here in MN.

  2. Christopher Witzel says:

    I noticed the other night in your video, you glossed over the article on that mentioned “how winter weather is changing”
    They are already trying to explain away the winter weather by claiming the ice melt is causing more snow further south….

  3. spike55 says:

    From NSIDC, Arctic sea ice extent for this day of year,is above the following years:

    2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.

  4. Ken Davis says:

    They will find a way to tell you that below subzero is the new overheating.

  5. NavarreAggie says:

    I’m sure they’ll try to pivot to Southern Ocean sea ice since it’s summertime there.

  6. MGJ says:

    They’ll find a way to spin it. There’s the old faithfuls…

    1. ‘Without cAGW it would have been colder!’
    2. ‘Exactly as our models predicted’
    3. Find some desert somewhere and tell us it’s hot
    4. Wait for a small rise then cue MELTDOWN!!! headlines
    5. The politician’s trick of keep differentiating until you get a positive result: the increase in the rate of change in the reduction of the loss of x is UNPRECEDENTED.

  7. saveenergy says:

    I’m sure our “World renowned climate expert Peter Wadhams”, will tell us it’ll all be gone next year…or the one after ()

  8. Phil. says:

    Arctic sea ice growth so far this month has been the fastest on record, and ice extent is nearly “normal.” It is going to be difficult blaming this year’s winter weather on missing Arctic ice.

    The graph you show indicates that the ice extent is more than 2 standard deviations below “normal”!

    • Gator says:

      “Normal” for the Holocene is zero ice Phail. Get a grip doomer.

      Phail, why won’t you show us the endless nitpicking you do at alarmist sites?

  9. Big D says:

    My brother in law post this a while back. he is basically saying that the climate crazies are acknowledging this has nothing to do with climate!! Its about getting access to the $$ of the financial elite. Meanwhile, anyone just trying to make a living in the business world has been decimated, like myself.

    Seizing the XR/Climate action moment
    Published on November 4, 2019

    All successful social marketing campaigns need to get right three basic steps.
    Regardless of where you land on the political spectrum, it simply boils down to: the right time, the right strategy, the right place.
    When the Occupy Movement petered out in 2012, many of the core people involved spoke of the numbing disappointment. But they also tried to console themselves by saying “hey, we raised the collective consciousness about inequality and the one percent’s grotesque wealth.”
    That is true, but it’s also true it was a huge opportunity wasted. Wall Street and the political elites were totally panicked back then. They could see the masses were waking up and “on to them”. But Occupy lacked a clear strategy, a clear set of demands. If you don’t do A, B and C by such and such time, we will crank up the pressure on X, Y and Z.
    It was a great moment of mobilized social leverage. The right time and right place, but there was no clear strategy. It was apparently thought among the main organizers that a consensus-based movement with no leader would work. It didn’t.
    Now enter the worldwide catalytic power of Greta Thunberg. She is the perfect leader at such a pivotal time and with a clear message about what needs to change, and by when. And it follows that worldwide the Climate Change movement and the Extinction Rebellion have a clear set of demands. There seems to be a hub of people in each of their city and national chapters around the world who are acting as rallying and organizing points. Good. So again, progressive democratic thinkers have a rare second monumental chance in a generation: we (for I count myself among the Extinction Rebellion rebels) have the right time, we at last have the right strategy: an itemized list of demands and a timeline.
    But what do we do with the “place” part? We screw it up!
    At recent events, blocking urban bridges, arterial streets and metro-trains for all people living and working in a city centre does not wake people up, it just pisses them off. These are just ordinary people, caught in this existential mess as much as the protesters. They can’t get to their places of work, to schools, and to the small businesses they own and operate. The net effect is losing a huge segment of working people who could exponentially grow the support base to a worrisome mass.
    The place is all wrong. Go back to the Occupy Movement’s notes for the thing they got bang-on. The place is still the big edifices of law-making and money-making in all cities and nations. Let’s gather at the financial districts, sit-in the legislature halls and grounds, occupy the street-fronts of the headquarters of banks, investment and finance firms, oil, gas and coal companies. We know precisely who the big players are and where they operate. A few thousand people setting up in those spaces banging on big drums and chanting like Icelandic footballers (see Youtube video) will shake the tree exactly where it needs shaking.
    So I say take the fight exclusively and unrelentingly to the doorsteps of power and money and watch the regular folks — now able to cross bridges and catch metro to earn their daily wages – ramp up and join the movement even faster.

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