Calling Out The Climate Fraudsters

Kangaroo Island Mayor says Barack Obama ‘wrong’ on climate change bushfire connection – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

(30) Michael Pengilly on Twitter: “So,so foolish in your pronouncement. My respect for you has totally evaporated . Pathetic” / Twitter

h/t Craig Kelly MP

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13 Responses to Calling Out The Climate Fraudsters

  1. Christopher Witzel says:

    I am trying to drill down on temperature records. I’ve been a Unhiding the decline user for years, however I don’t think it can drill down on a particular station. Has the new software you use been released? I am assuming it is of your creation, if it is not, where can it be found?

  2. Dave N says:

    “Opposition environment spokeswoman Susan Close said Mr Pengilly was “wrong is to ignore scientific evidence and to dismiss it in a very brief tweet””

    “wrong is to”? I’m assuming that’s a typo; I guess the ABC are trying to compete with The Ginduran.

    That aside, Close herself is very wrong, since Pengilly already *does* “concentrate on working with the community on the fires”. She should spend more time working on finding proof of how much (if any) of the 1C of warming (i.e. not stating the mere fact that it exists; that is not proof of anything) that she cited is caused by humans, since there still is none.

  3. James Snook says:

    Tony, you posted your chart of Rainfall in OZ in the twitter thread under Pengillys tweet, but it seems to have disappeared.

  4. Daniel L says:

    The same B.Obama that purchased a$15m property by the water on Martha’s Vineyard? Yeh, that’s him. Obviously he’s not all that concerned about the rapid sea level rise predicted by alarmists but more concerned with grandstanding and virtue signalling.

  5. James Snook says:

    Sorry Tony, it IS still there, I’ve just found it.

    • dennisambler says:

      Amusing that Twitter flagged the BOM site as “may contain sensitive material”,
      because it came from Tony, yet they allow all the vitriol outpourings against Pengelly.

  6. Peter Carroll says:

    There are, “before and after” photos of Kangaroo Island, being shown on news media. They show a road through lush green countryside, then the same road through a blackened wasteland.
    The first photo is actually dense native, and very flammable, vegetation. It has grown to a stage, complete with underlying fuel load, that when ignited by lightning will burn ferociously until it is burnt out.
    I hope the MSM show a photo of the same area in a years time, when it is green and verdant again.

  7. Jimmy Haigh says:

    He could have stopped at “wrong”…

  8. Gamecock says:

    ‘My respect for you has totally evaporated.”

    Sorry. Anyone who respected Obama is a zero in my book.

  9. George Davidson says:

    Obama was exposed on Tony’s site talking about raising hydro prices to fight climate change , and that the consumer had to pay. And he was exposed for being part of the 97 % fraud of “scientists say “I had respect for this man at one time but Tony has exposed him as a climate alarmists and a fraud. The whole Democrat party is green crazy.Their green new deal is a fraud and will put all american’s into energy poverty

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