Democrats Demand An End To Free Speech

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8 Responses to Democrats Demand An End To Free Speech

  1. G W Smith says:

    Powerful and to the point! Keep it up, Tony! The public needs to know who the real fascists are. Semper vigilans!

  2. AVAAZ is demanding YOUTUBE silence Tony Heller. He is NOT named specifically but he is one who needs to be silenced by YOUTUBE.

    They RAT liars use a picture of a fire to let you know that we need to silence the deniars or apparently, we’ll all burn as a result.

    • GCSquared says:

      Argument by association = propaganda. When you don’t have facts, just use pictures.

      One of potholer’s videos made a big deal about climate tipping into runaway warming, using a graphic of a cannonball on a see-saw, where the ball rolled onto the other side once the see-saw tilted the ball just above level. Very persuasive, except that the idea of a tipping point was just an assumption, and there was no logical reason to believe that climate resembled the see-saw model in any way. In fact, the earth is already quite warm, so tipping in the opposite direction would amount to entering an ice age, but no matter. The see-saw image could make you believe anything.

  3. tom0mason says:

    Even as a lifelong socialist George Orwell (aka Eric Arthur Blair) understood that liberty was crucial for the proper working of any democracy. Without liberty elitist minorities take over and tyrannically rule over the majority.

  4. pick1name says:

    If you have not already begun mirroring your content onto other platforms.. then maybe this facility from bitchute might make it easier?

    Also I think LBRY have a similar mirroring function here ->

    My advice is to not have your content ONLY on a single platform run by a company that has a history of not valuing none-corporate produced content, arbitrarily and prejudicially removing content without justification according to their published TOS, and market the availability of your content on other platforms so audiences know where to look if your content disappears from youtube, or if they just want to support creator’s use of alt-tech platforms because they recognise the danger of figuratively having all the eggs being in a single basket.

    I don’t have any connection with the platforms other than as a member of an audience/viewer.

  5. Caleb Shaw says:

    The way around such censorship is for us “small fry” to share links to this site and to Tony’s YouTube exposes whenever and wherever we can. Go out of your way to do it.

    George Orwell joined the socialist side in the Spanish Civil War in a fever of idealism, and nearly got “purged” by a crazy Stalinist who (like Stalin) saw even those on his side as enemy, and actually was responsible for the deaths of more non-Spanish volunteers than Franco was. I think the experience permanently soured Orwell.

    Very few views of my most recent sea-ice post, which I think is black-listed by Google:

  6. Mark R Anderson says:

    I perused the details of the “Climate Crisis” sub-committee’s demands of Google. Their demand is directly taken from the “avaaz” (soros funded) demands

    Therein you have to skip down to page 53 to see a list of the “offending” youtube videos.

    Then you have to go to page 62 to find definitions in their Glossary including “Climate Change”, Global Warming”, “Climate Change Denier, Sceptic, or Doubter”.

    It’s worth a look as their sources include IPCC, NOAA, NASA, “The Guardian”, et al

    Notably they cite for consensus the highly contested NASA page here:

    Contested example: but many more readily available…

    So the circular cabal of intentional fraud and misinformation sources combines to attempt to shut down rational science based discussion; perhaps a sign of desperation as the facts become more revealing and the evidence of science fraud more compelling.

  7. Adrian Dorst says:

    In the late 1960s (probably 1969), a story ran in Canadian newspapers about climate scientists concluding, based on core samples from the Greenland ice sheet and dendrochronology, that in much of the 20th century we were in a particularly benign weather period. The norm, they said, was much greater extremes and fluctuations in weather. Isn’t that where we are today? It would be very beneficial if that article resurfaced and was published. If anyone out there knows how to dig it up it would be greatly appreciated.

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