Greta Busted

Michael J. Smith took advantage of a brief Facebook bug to find out who writes Greta’s Facebook posts.

Facebook glitch reveals Indian UN climate delegate posts as Greta Thunberg – Michael Smith News

Greta’s father uses her as a human shield, then worries that she is under attack.

Greta Thunberg’s dad worries about ‘all the hate’ aimed at her

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2 Responses to Greta Busted

  1. Don Vickers says:

    About a week ago greta’s father posted that he was concerned for all the hate mail his daughter was receiving but now we find that it was actually him writing and he has been hiding behind his daughter. If true this would make him the most despicable parent in the history of man. Surely if true the Swedish authorities must have some recourse in regards identity theft, placing a minor in danger, usury, fraud, child abuse or just for being an absolutely pathetic excuse for a man.

  2. KevinPaul says:

    She says that she posts via her father’s account, but how could such eloquent posts be hers when in real life she is so stifled and vacant? Logically they aren’t her posts, they are as Michael Smith reveals, the work of crafty propaganda machinists.
    I think damage control has set in, and they will eventually get caught in their own web of lies.

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