Norway Says The Lockdown Was Unnecessary

Norway ‘could have controlled infection without lockdown’: health chief – The Local

Norway says there was no reason to close schools, but Fauci wants US schools to stay closed until some magical vaccine appears at the end of the year.

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11 Responses to Norway Says The Lockdown Was Unnecessary

  1. Steve Case says:

    I suppose Time magazine will choose Dr. Fauci as person of the year.

  2. Gofer1 says:

    In 1969, I got married and drove from Texas to Florida, stopping in several states and then back to South Carolina. I actually learned that a pandemic was occurring during that period of 68-69 only a month ago. I remember that nobody even mentioning a virus. People went about their business because there wasn’t social media to cause fear and panic.

    Why do we allow 36-40,000 deaths annually from auto wrecks? Just reduce the speed limit to 5 mph. Cuomo’s “even if it saves one life” statement should be applied here if he is serious.

    The thousands at Woodstock weren’t concerned about anything. Wonder how many of those, there at the time, are now involved in locking down states?

    • Musonda Mumba says:

      In the UK lawmakers have begun to think like Cuomo, our national speed limit on regular roads is now 20 mph despite for falling driving deaths and we have been in a national lockdown despite originally the government being advised not to because we not reduce the risk but cause greater harm and we are still in lockdown awaiting contact-tracing to begin as a signal to ease the pointless and wasteful lockdown.

  3. Anders Valland says:

    I would like to point out that the statements were specifically related to closing schools and kindergartens, and were not related to the overall society lockdown measures. We have known all the way that the FHI gave advice that differed from the political decisions made by our government.

    As numbers have come in and we have increasingly better information to base decisions on, it is becoming clear that Norway could have done quite well following something close to the Swedish strategy. But remember that it is always easy to do retrospective predictions.

    Right now we are in a situation where every objective piece of information points to a full opening of society, but with stringent measures for those in risk groups and an increased focus on individual behaviour to reduce contagion risk. At the same time, the population has been thoroughly swamped with wrong, misleading and less-than-accurate information leading to the usual plethora of responses from those who are in full anxiety mode all the way to those who don’t really care anymore. The fall-out of lockdown will be interesting to watch.

    • Mark A Luhman says:

      The sooner more of the low risk group have the better off the high risk would be. All we did was prolong the agony, without changing the ourcome.

  4. James Snook says:

    Tony, I am a great supporter of your efforts, but please dont quote inaccuracies. Ms. Stoltenberg did not say ‘Norway could have controlled infection without lockdown’.

    What she actually said was “Our assessment now….is that we could possibly have achieved the same effects and avoided some of the unfortunate impacts by not locking down, but by instead keeping open but with infection control measures,”

    The world ‘possibly’ is key. It is beloved by Climate Scientists making predictions, along with ‘likely’. It qualifies her assessment to the extent that, like so many Climate Science predictions it becomes a ‘best guess’ and as such is dangerous as a guide for action.

    • tonyheller says:

      If you disagree with the newspaper article, I suggest that contact them rather than complaining to me.

    • “The United States and Great Britain are two countries separated by a common language.” George Bernard Shaw

      My reading of what you have said is that Tony’s take on this is accurate.

      Regardless, what is clear is that this whole thing has been a very bad over-reaction that I hope those in government will learn from.

    • Anders Valland says:

      She was specifically addressing the lockdown of schools and kindergartens. Her comment was not about the overall lockdown of society.

      It is important to note that while we do have a lockdown of sorts in Norway, it is nowhere near anything as seen in the UK, Spain or other places. We have generally been allowed to move around freely, although with restrictions to minimize contact between individuals. Most companies have moved people off premises and into working-from home-situations, and for all those businesses that either require people to work closely together or where direct contact or close proximity between people is unavoidable there has been full lockdown.

      Norway has a very low population density. The place where the Covid-19 has hit is Oslo, which has the country’s highest population density – as is the case for almost any country.

      The big question is if we could have achieved the same result without locking down businesses, but rather by observing strict measures for infection control. We will never know. The Swedish strategy is unfortunately confounded by high death rates in nursing homes, if you take that out the numbers are still higher than ours but still nothing to require lockdown.

      As always, the anxious will interpret lack of information as something that increases risk.

    • Anders Valland says:

      While the title Tony uses is somewhat misleading, what he wrote in the piece is correct. The statement is regarding lockdown of schools and kindergartens.

  5. G W Smith says:

    I’ve lost faith in this flip-flopper.

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