The Not-So-Novel Coronavirus

The mass media induced mass panic – by telling people they were experiencing some new apocalypse called the “novel coronavirus.” But it turns out that most of the population already had immunity,

Study: A majority of the population may have ‘some degree’ of preexisting immunity to COVID-19 | Just The News

CDC now confirms that death rates from COVID-19 are in the same ballpark as the flu, for all age groups.

COVID-19 Pandemic Planning Scenarios | CDC

But the press has succeeded in destroying tens of millions of lives, in their never-ending  efforts to win the November election for the Democrats.

All coronaviruses largely disappear in the Northern Hemisphere during April and May, but that won’t stop politicians and the press from claiming their draconian anti-science, anti-human lockdowns were effective.

This March 19th video from German infectious disease specialist Sucharit Bhakdi, is what originally tipped me off that we were headed into one of the greatest mass delusions in history. Turn on closed captioning if you don’t speak German.

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11 Responses to The Not-So-Novel Coronavirus

  1. Scissor says:

    Preexisting immunity indeed would explain the behavior of case decline that is being observed. Michael Levitt suggested such based on his data analysis.

    I posted this the other day. Nobel Laureate Michael Levitt: skip the first 40 minutes and watch the remaining at 1.25x speed.

  2. G W Smith says:

    “Nothing but a spook.” Why could so many of us see this happening but our media only saw horror and death awaiting?

    • William says:

      Horror and death are part of the script, the COVID-19 Movie. Nothing is as effective for corralling the masses with fear than an infectious epidemic. I can’t wait for the sequel. I understand China is already rolling out the “Second Wave”.

  3. William says:

    Of course, there are hundreds of coronaviruses all associated with colds or flu-like illnesses. There is nothing unique or novel about this one, all of the bat-snake-civet-bio-weapon disinfo to the contrary. So the Chicoms weaponized a common cold virus that has a recovery rate of 99-99.9 percent? Take that Western Imperialist Running Dogs! Now, as I predicted, the Cuomo-types are taking credit for “bending the curve”, which would have happened anyway, with their fascist policies. Cuomo actually said, “God didn’t do this. Faith didn’t do this. We did it.” Amazing. Not for nothing do I call him Little Lucifer

  4. dearieme says:

    Children’s noses often spend winter running with “colds”. Might this explain their apparent invulnerability to the Wuhan virus?

  5. Mikkel Kaastrup says:

    Thankfully, Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi has been very active in spreading his insights. There are a number of good video interviews available with him in German, esp. this 70 min. interview:
    For a list of interviews, see here:

    Most amazing is that YouTube hasn’t removed the videos yet, but maybe that’s because the interviews are in German.

  6. Johansen says:

    Interesting, thanks for researching. Bunch of people at La Jolla Inst. of Immunology, just ‘down the street’

  7. I wouldnt vote democrat says:

    This is bigger than democrats winning an election. IF they wanted to win they would have put up someone better. This is world’s elite 1% eugenics drug companies vaccinations tech companies, Rockefeller foundation lock step and the UN NWO.
    some buzzwords to research.

  8. Joel says:

    How long can the Democrats drag this out?

  9. Cathy says:

    Reminds me of “War of the Worlds,” only this time the fake news is worldwide.?

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