Two Billion Mystery Vaccines

Bill Gates wants to give his mystery vaccine to two billion people.

Coronavirus vaccine: AstraZeneca boosts potential supply to 2bn – BBC News

No one has ever made a successful Coronavirus vaccine, but Bill is going to whip one up just in time for the election. Bill also wants to pollute the atmosphere to stop global warming.

Scientists Call for Population Control in Mass Climate Alarm – Bloomberg

In completely unrelated news, academics want to reduce the world’s population by 50% to stop global warming.

Scientists Call for Population Control in Mass Climate Alarm – Bloomberg

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11 Responses to Two Billion Mystery Vaccines

  1. Disillusioned says:

    I expect all the people who make fun of the ‘anti-vaxxers,’ as well as criticize those who are skeptical of the annual flu shot, to be first in line for this rushed-to-market concoction. I’ll take my chances on my own immune system to protect me, over that crap.

  2. D. Boss says:

    It’s terrifying to consider, but maybe we do need to have some kind of mass destruction or extinction event… At least if say another “Carrington Event”

    occurred, these enemies of humanity would be stopped in their tracks, as would all the left wing nut jobs. When you have no electrical power, no cell phones, no google, no GPS, etc, nobody has time on their hands to “protest” supposed injustice… (or try to engineer the weather, or force asinine or absurd vaccines on the masses)

    Granted it would cull a really big chunk of Humanity from the herd, but a “reset” by mother nature may be the only way to stop all the madness completely surrounding us all.

    “How dare you” consider an extinction level event as solution to humanity’s problems – I can hear the nut jobs exclaiming now…. But as with all brainwashed hypocrites – they fail to grasp what forcing untested “vaccines” on the world’s humans, or the absolute lunacy of spraying particulates into the upper atmo to block the sun, or outright calling for mass human genocide – really means!

    What is the difference between my musing and these misanthropic ideas?

    (side note, unfortunately if you consider the writings of say Graham Hancock, these “resets” by mother nature have occurred and the advanced civilization’s knowledge is typically lost – it would not just get rid of the nut jobs – the only ones to survive a really nasty reset are hunter-gatherers) (and know that climate is not the only branch of so called science that has a problem with truth – Hancock lays out with massive evidence the same crap happens in archeology)

  3. Luke of the D says:

    I’m kind of ok with the call for fewer people: We don’t need a single Communist on this planet, so lets take out the majority of people in China (call it 900 million), in North Korea (say 20 million), in Cuba (about 10 million), in Venezuela (roughly 25 million), in Vietnam (say 90 million), in Russia (about 120 million), large portions of Europe (maybe 200 million), and frankly all the communists and liberal lunatics in the USA (maybe 100 million). That right there is 17% of the world population that we really don’t need. And let’s add in all the eugenics scientists and call it a good start.

  4. arn says:

    Why am I no longer suprised that Bill Gates is getting richer and richer the more he donates.

  5. G W Smith says:

    Don’t these people read science? Don’t they know that research shows that we are headed into a Grand Solar Minimum? Don’t they know what that means? No, no, and no. So much for “belief in science.” Loony blockheads.

  6. Tish Farrell says:

    I hope the 11,000 are leading by example!

  7. Scissor says:

    Gates should stick to software. Crashing the global economy isn’t nice.

  8. David Scott says:

    hmmmm. Let’s cool down the planet to promote more energy needed to keep us from freezing to death, causing more global warming, causing more need to cool the planet causing…

  9. Graeme No.3 says:

    Back in the 1960’s we had people telling us that the world couldn’t support 2.5 billion people and there would be mass starvation and deaths. Then in the 1980’s we were told that overpopulation would mean famine and mass migration of climate refugees.

    Now, with over 3 times as many and abject poverty and starvation much reduced, they are still telling us the same. They might be right – look at all those people trying to ‘flee’ to the most overpopulated continent (Europe).

  10. The “Sun Dimming” “Experiment” is the most dangerous thing I’ve ever heard of.
    This is the type of thing where some complete idiot makes a 2% error and winds up killing every living thing on earth!
    I hope nobody supports anything like this with money rather than derision!

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