BBC Wants To Make Climate Change Illegal

The law that could make climate change illegal – BBC Future

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17 Responses to BBC Wants To Make Climate Change Illegal

  1. Graeme No.3 says:

    The BBC is hysterical.
    Can you imagine politicians accepting a law that would lose them their privileges? It will either be ignored or more likely dumped into the waste bin where it belongs.

    • Gummans Gubbe says:

      They will find their ways. They are working for against the climate change.

      The inner parts of Oslo, Norway will be off limits for cars. The politicians just built a garage with a tunnel the starts just outside the no car limit. (This is not a joke).

  2. nfw says:

    It’s the old story, just when you think you have seen peak stupid (stand-fast Ukraine Joe of course) along comes another.

  3. GeologyJim says:

    They need to go whole hog and just outlaw sunrise.

    That’ll keep the earth from overheating (half of it, anyway)

  4. dennisambler says:

    “the activist legal charity ClientEarth.” This is a an offshoot from Natural Resources Defense Council:
    James lived in Los Angeles where he founded the Los Angeles Office of NRDC

  5. Peter Carroll says:

    Once again Albert Einstein’s quip comes to mind.
    Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.

  6. CheshireRed says:

    The way they’re carrying on I think we’d be better served by a law that made the BBC illegal.

  7. czechlist says:

    Two adages come to mind
    Children should be seen, not heard
    Children and idiots should not be allowed to see unfinished work.
    I would never choose to be advised by idealistic young people who have never had any real life experience. Governments are making a habit of it.

  8. michael nunn says:

    Before the Virus, I convinced myself that Global Warming was indeed real. Equally I found the evidence often presented to support the case was fake, false, contrived and irrelevant and easily dismissed. The whole notion that outlandishly simplified mathematical models, and Carbon Dioxide concentrations were the key basis and measurements for Global Warming predictions is nonsensical. Such a “scientific“ approach based on mathematical models using non-existent historical evidence (just like the discredited over simplified Virus transmission mathematical model),leads to unsound predictions and outcomes.
    My conviction that Global Warming was real was based on recent work on Urban Heat Islands. This work expands into the forbidden areas, as determined by the UN at the IPCC in 2000. But, a last and fortuitously, it accepts grudgingly that waste energy, as part of Human activity, is a significant driver in global warming at a local level. It is now clear that the impact of such waste heat from electrical appliances and vehicles and the like cannot be disguised and “neutralized” by using fanciful radiation balance effects to explain the observed Urban Heating. Inevitably the amount of this heat is a function of population size and density and human activity. Urban areas indeed heat up and show temperatures and pollution levels way above those of rural surroundings. In extreme, Vehicle and air-con use alone can lead to disastrous positive feedback effects.
    One might hope that the City based Media exponents and supporters of classical Global Warming (CO2) Theory would notice and take full account of their location on an Urban Heating Island (UHI). Logically, they would accept that warming is happening and, that the more they waste heat from vehicle travel and air- con, the worse their environment is, and will, become. If they are desk bound indoors then there are well over 50 learned papers on the subject of UDI, (essentially overpopulated cities), to inform them ! It is key to understanding that Urban Heating is in addition to the Global green- house gas effect. (It is just overlooked in the Global Warming mathematical models!
    Mitigation however might just prove inconvenient! Too many people, too close together is the problem, particularly from UHI environmental control consideration. Already in US cities, more deaths arise from excessive heat exposure than from natural disasters. Having settled and concentrated on an Island, the problems of food, energy and water inevitably become problematical. Self reliance and sustainability is already totally lost in cities. Reliance on Regional support becomes essential. Curiously, this is being undermined by current “Green” policies (related to fossil fuel, food, water, land management).
    Somewhere along the line is a self destruction crusade leading, just as Greta claims, to extinction. First in the queue are the Green inspired City dwellers!

  9. aeroearth says:

    Another splendid piece of communist propaganda by the UK’s BBC!
    I see the communist government in Denmark has passed a law making it illegal not to follow the communist lie of Human Caused Climate Change. I imagine they’ll pass a law next making it illegal to keep statues of past Achievers on public display and the award of medals for those that tear them down.
    There are now several groups in the UK publicly demanding that the BBC be defunded. A parasite on humanity.

  10. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Maybe they should make gravity illegal too while they’re at it.
    Gravity kills lots of people, we should ban it.

  11. KevinPaul says:

    Increasing incidence of noctilucent clouds indicate the earth is inversion cooling, not warming.

  12. Gator says:

    Awesome! Can we please legislate no days over 85F? And rain only after dark Tuesdays through Thursdays? And snow, every Christmas Eve…

  13. Greg Locke says:

    They legislated perfect weather in the middle ages, Mr. Gator. here’s the proof:

    A law was made a distant moon ago here:
    July and August cannot be too hot.
    And there’s a legal limit to the snow here
    In Camelot.
    The winter is forbidden till December
    And exits March the second on the dot.
    By order, summer lingers through September
    In Camelot.
    Camelot! Camelot!
    I know it sounds a bit bizarre,

    But in Camelot, Camelot
    That’s how conditions are.
    The rain may never fall till after sundown.
    By eight, the morning fog must disappear.
    In short, there’s simply not
    A more congenial spot
    For happily-ever-aftering than here
    In Camelot.

    Alas, Arthur died.

  14. tom0mason says:

    The BBC is stuffed to the gunwales with people who believe they know and understand better what people want, need, and should have — know better than do the people themselves.
    BBC is an elitist mob of socialist/Fabians/communists determined to undermine the very fabric of today’s society, all the while broadcasting propaganda that furthers the fiction of a multicultural, multi-sexual, collectivist utopia.

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