Half Of US COVID-19 Deaths Are In Nursing Homes

I calculated this by multiplying percent nursing home deaths by total deaths in the state. No data is available for Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, South Dakota, Vermont or Wyoming. Numbers are approximate.

Coronavirus Bell Curve | Daily COVID-19 Statistics for the United States

It is unfortunate that data is not available for Arizona, which has had a steady increase in nursing home infections. The vast majority of deaths in Arizona (and everywhere else) are over 65 years old.

ADHS – Data Dashboard

Without the nursing home deaths, COVID-19 deaths have been close to a typical flu season. And those numbers may also be greatly exaggerated.

CORONAVIRUS fatalities could be “less than half the official toll”, a former World Health Organisation chief has said

Coronavirus deaths ‘may be less than half official toll – as docs wrongly mark certificates’, says ex-WHO chief

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