New Video : The Uncooperative Arctic

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9 Responses to New Video : The Uncooperative Arctic

  1. David A. Nichols says:

    I love this site. I started down this path to truth years ago with … oh I can’t remember his name or site, he was a West Virginia mining engineer I believe. That led me to Ice Age Now, and then this. Three cheers for

  2. Cathy says:

    Well-documented summary. Thank you!

  3. Did we have copy/paste back then?
    Who the hell do you think you are Planet Saint…. Steven Goddard?
    You are missing the ph part of Steven!
    But you are herby awarded the PH in TRUTH

  4. William Miranda says:

    That darn climate refusing to cooperate with climate alarmist. Darn!

  5. etudiant says:

    The Arctic ice area is setting new lows for the day of the year, now at 3.796MM km**2 for July 29th.
    So there is evidence of unusually extensive melting.

    • kzvx says:

      So what year is the polar cap going to be completely gone by? Make your prediction and perhaps we’ll see you in a future Tony Heller video

      • etudiant says:

        Honestly I’ve no clue, this may be a cyclical downturn, but we should take the actual data into account in our discussions.

        Right now arctic ice area is the lowest for the date in the past 40 years, the period for which we have continuous satellite coverage.
        Whether we like it or not, it is in line with a longer term downtrend of arctic ice area.
        What is arguable is whether this is unprecedented, Tony has published numerous reports from the 1920s suggesting a similar period of lower arctic ice area. So I take the year on year changes with some equanimity, we don’t understand the cycle and we don’t know the lows to be expected.
        So more research is needed, along with an open mind.

        • Gerald Machnee says:

          You do not address the fact that there has been no significant change in the summer minimum for 12 years.

  6. gregole says:

    Ice free Arctic is way overdue. There is something very wrong in climate so-called science.

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