New Video : Global Warming Flees Alaska

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7 Responses to New Video : Global Warming Flees Alaska

  1. Barry Sheridan says:

    Keep up the good work Tony.

  2. John Francis says:

    The Thermosphere is near record cold up there.
    Simply, when you open top freezer frig, you feel cold air falling.
    Simple but some truth I believe.
    Thank you Tony for all you do.
    From Philadelphia area.

  3. Dirk Mullikin says:

    Keep up the good work, the truth will prevail, thank you for all your work and information, it helps me with discussions and arguments with the brainwashed chicken little mind set.

  4. Bassline says:

    Hello Tony, French fellow there who has been following your work for several years, I’ve got a request : where do you get your data for France temperatures (cf. your 07/16/19, 07/15/18, 07/06/15 blog articles) ? Thanks !

  5. KevinPaul says:

    June mesospheric temperatures were the lowest since NASAs’ AIMs craft started observing.
    It’s obvious the executive committee responsible for globull warming hysteria realised their game was likely up as the planet is obviously cooling en-masse despite local hotspots, plus record rainfalls are occurring all over the planet, so now they swiftly shifted the alarmist fear machinations to a cold virus and added natural population attrition and those who succumbed to inappropriate care protocols to inflate their facade.

    It’s so blatant when you make inquiry of all popular search engines and 90+% results returned are sanitised left-wing party line following disinformation. Just searching to determine safety procedures surrounding warp speed host genetically modifying prophylactics is treated like searching for bomb making recipes. Total lunaticsville.

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