New Video : Two Paths To Herd Immunity

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  1. Scissor says:

    The Sweden approach is looking better and better. We don’t know much though, so we’ll just have to update our judgement of success from time to time. I certainly wouldn’t bet much on the introduction of an effective vaccine in the near term.

  2. jb says:

    I don’t think Sweden had much of a choice:
    with its many no-go Muslim zones in its cities and in Malmo as a whole,
    I doubt the religion of peace would have listened to anything restrictive
    the Swedish authorities implemented — nor would the Swedish authorities have dared
    to try to enforce their restrictions in these cities.

    Thus, native Swedes would have been discriminated against.
    And a general uprising might have occurred.

    Ergo: no policies were enacted. Business as usual.

  3. Robert Gipson says:

    @ 7:27: “So much for the theory of ‘asymptomatic shedding’ …the entire premise upon which the mask mandates are predicated”

  4. Morgan in Sweden says:

    The way Sweden counts those who die in Covid-19 is very liberal. My very old mother-in-law passed away in May. The hospital checked here twice for Covid-19, both times with a negativ result. If any of the tests had been positive she would have been counted as victim even though it had nothing to do with here death. This way of counting is becoming a bit absurd. Today a total of 21 deaths due to Covid-19 were reported (10 from June, the rest from July), but at the same time there are very few new intensive care patients in the Swedish hospitals. Past 2 days there has been none at all. Since the 6:th of July there has been a maximum of 3 new intensive care patiens per day in the Swedish hospitals ( Sweden has 10 million inhabitants). The highest amount of herd immunity is probably in and around Stockholm where close to two million people live. In this area there has been 3 new intensive care patiens the past ten days. The decease is dying in Sweden. Even though the press tries to keep the fear up, people are getting more and more relaxed. Yesterday I was allowed to sit in the arena a watch a live soccer game (It was very pleasant) and yes there were more than 50 spectators. Nobody cared.

  5. Gator says:

    This is awesome!

    The look on the anchor’s face is priceless.

  6. Mike says:

    Part of Herd immunity is “cross immunity” due to T-Cell immunity. Dr. Soo Aleman in Sweden did a recent study on it. US has 50% cross immunity. Germany about 36%.

  7. mwhite says:

    South Africa went into lockdown

    “It imposed one of the world’s strictest lockdowns in April and May, including closing virtually all mines, factories and businesses, and a ban on sales of alcohol and cigarettes.
    The measures slowed the spread of the coronavirus but South Africa’s economy, already in recession, contracted dramatically, increasing unemployment above 30% and hunger.”

    They slowed the spread down in summer. Now it’s winter.

    In June, the country began relaxing restrictions to allow millions of South Africans to return to work.

  8. John Robertson says:

    Your excellent work on “Climate Change” is the gold standard for me. A big thank you!

    On COVID-19 the global exemplar is surely Taiwan rather than Sweden? Taiwan is a mountainous island with almost the population of Australia crowded into land half the size of Tasmania with a vigorous, independent democracy. It is in the front line of COVID-19 infection and many ‘health experts’ predicted a disastrous result for it.

    Despite all that Taiwan has had no lockdown. Children have remained at school, adults at work and businesses open throughout. Tourists are even free to traverse the country. As of July 19th, there have been 444 cases and 7 deaths. Rates per million of 19 and 0.3, respectively. An unmatched performance for a land in the very front line for infection.

    Taiwan has protected its old people, closed it borders early on to specific infection sources such as Wuhan or cruise liners, made rigorous testing of every arriving passenger compulsory and required the wearing of face masks in public places. The dramatic success speaks for itself.

    In my opinion all democratic countries should ask for Taiwan’s advice and follow it to the letter.

    Thank you again for your splendid work and best wishes from Australia.

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