Snow Is Now A Thing Of The Past In Australia

Australian children just won’t know what snow is.


Snow Cams

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9 Responses to Snow Is Now A Thing Of The Past In Australia

  1. dearieme says:

    There’s no business like snow business.

    What mugs people are to make predictions that can or will be falsified in less than ten or twenty years. Surely a skilled scammer would use a fifty year horizon to make you fear for your grandchildren but with little risk of his being proved wrong before he hits the grave?

    So they are not even competent scammers.

  2. CheshireRed says:

    Another totally failed prediction.

    Add it to the list: Viner with his vanishing snow, the UN’s ’50 million climate refugees’ by 2010, vanishing coral atolls and Lord knows how many other duff claims.

    It’s almost as if these experts aren’t actually experts at all, but are activists who just make it up as they go along. Surely not?!

  3. Gary says:

    Any US snowmobiler east of the Mississippi can verify the same up here. I live near Canada’s border in NY’s heaviest snow country. We followed tbe same trend over the same period. Tough thing to accept. Lost our local ski area in April. They quit fighting the change.

  4. Frances says:

    It’s been down to -1 deg. C. in Kingaroy, Qld., Australia, and probably lower but the wind chill factor isn’t taken into account here. We are just coming out of a cold snap.

    • dearieme says:

      “the wind chill factor isn’t taken into account here”: very wise. It’s mainly a trick used by journalists to exaggerate how cold it is. Why not just say “it’s five below in the shade and there’s a 20 knot wind blowing, gusting to 40 knots”?

      Anyway, if you want to report how cold it would feel to (I assume) a naked man, shouldn’t you include corrections for (i) humidity and (ii) his evident insanity?

  5. michael nunn says:

    My conviction that Global Warming was real was based on recent work on Urban Heat Islands. This work expands into the forbidden areas, as determined by the UN at the IPCC in 2000. But, a last and fortuitously, it accepts grudgingly that waste energy, as part of Human activity, is a significant driver in global warming at a local level. It is now clear that the impact of such waste heat from electrical appliances and vehicles and the like cannot be disguised and “neutralized” by using fanciful radiation balance effects to explain the observed Urban Heating. Inevitably the amount of this heat is a function of population size and density and human activity. Urban areas indeed heat up and show temperatures and pollution levels way above those of rural surroundings. In extreme, Vehicle and air-con use alone can lead to disastrous positive feedback effects.
    One might hope that the City based Media exponents and supporters of classical Global Warming (CO2) Theory would notice and take full account of their location on an Urban Heating Island (UHI). Logically, they would accept that warming is happening and, that the more they waste heat from vehicle travel and air- con, the worse their environment is, and will, become. If they are desk bound indoors then there are well over 50 learned papers on the subject of UDI, (essentially overpopulated cities), to inform them ! It is key to understanding that Urban Heating is in addition to the Global green- house gas effect. (It is just overlooked in the Global Warming mathematical models!

    • dearieme says:

      “It is key to understanding that Urban Heating is in addition to the Global green- house gas effect.” It’s the deliberate ignoring, or under-estimating, of Urban Heating that allows the scammers to exaggerate wildly the rate of warming due to the greenhouse effect. Well, that and blatant lying about temperatures past.

  6. aeroearth says:

    Catherine Pickering is qualified as a Botanist, she IS NOT qualified as a Physicist.
    Made an idiot of herself back in 2012.
    Note also the subtlety of the headline “….SNOW…. WILL BE GONE BY 2020…” and in the quoted text “….Catherine Pickering says by 2020 Australia MAY not have any (snow) left”
    Looks like a deliberate attempt to mislead, in my book.

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