Texas – Wear Masks At Home

TEXAS: You should consider wearing a mask even when you’re in your own home | WOAI

A better idea would be to not hold BLM protests in your home.

Average daily New Covid-19 Positive Cases By Week (Monday-Sunday) – Texas Medical Center

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9 Responses to Texas – Wear Masks At Home

  1. nfw says:

    The USA is THE place to live, everybody gets a badge. I’ll bet those in the Texas Division of Emergency Management also get to wear a gun. Pity the clown telling everybody to wear a mask at home is not wearing one as he speaks; the picture would be so much better. Hypocrite. Would love to see the 24/7 live streaming from his home as they wear masks.

  2. nfw says:

    With regard to the new Huston cases after the Black Looters Matter riots they told us the Wuhan Virus Flu would not be a problem. Did they lie to us, again?

  3. Eric Hatfield says:

    You can argue for a slight increase in cases after Texas reopened, but you expect that to occur to a certain extent as people increased their interaction. There’s no way around it. That increase could also be explained by an increase in testing within the state though I don’t have the stats on that.

    It’s clear by the chart the BIG increase occurred after and are likely caused by the BLM ‘protests’ though they weren’t as violent as they were in other states. Back in April the task force announced the virus doesn’t do as well in UV light you’d get during the day. However these ‘protests’ unlike the earlier ‘end the shutdown’ protests, went way into the night. While they could get the benefit of the UV light during the day, that goes away at night. So after sunset these protests were really like people being packed together like sardines in a sports arena.

    As states reopened the number of cases and deaths decreased. When these BLM ‘protests’ began and lasted as they did, I considered this a vast unplanned experiment. People ignored government edicts. How would the virus spread if we totally reopened the country during summer? We’re getting the answer. Cases will rise. I expect some increase in deaths over the next few weeks though not as bad as in April because mainly younger and healthier people are getting it.

  4. Robert Gipson says:

    Australian asks: Why is the media so silent about Taiwan and Florida?


    Err… take a guess.

  5. Disillusioned says:

    The Borg are desperately doing everything they can to thwart the natural course of herd immunity.

  6. Mac says:

    Texas is over. Polluted by leftism. Shame. I was considering moving there, but forget it now. Abbott never should have given in the leftist mask hysteria, because masks do nothing. I went to grad school for molecular biology and epidemiology, and I know for a fact that your little homemade mask does zero to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The entire situation is political, and it makes me sick to see such a corruption of science for the last 20 years. Science –that is, real science — is dear to me. I’ve lived my life as an avid and eager student of science. It’s painful to watch it turn into a medieval religion.

  7. barbarossa58 says:

    No need for a mask; I’ve become accustomed to my girlfriend’s and dog’s farts…

  8. Phil. says:

    You omitted to mention that the ‘red’ zone on your graph was also the time when bars reopened in Houston. According to Gov. Abbott when he closed them down about a month later: “At this time, it is clear that the rise in cases is largely driven by certain types of activities, including Texans congregating in bars,”

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