Wuhan Lujan Doubles COVID-19 Cases

Masks have been mandatory since May 16 in New Mexico, by decree of Governor Wuhan Lujan.

New Mexico requires face masks in public. Here’s what you need to know

Since then, the daily case rate has doubled.

New Mexico Coronavirus: 14,549 Cases and 539 Deaths (COVID-19 ) – Worldometer

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17 Responses to Wuhan Lujan Doubles COVID-19 Cases

  1. Bruce says:

    New Mexico is not masking hard enough!!
    C’mon, get with the program. We’re all in this together.

  2. czechlist says:

    I find it fascinating that the virus began increasing 2-3 weeks after the “protests” began but the press and dimorats say it was “reopening” that triggered it. Texas re-opened May 1 and the infection rate stayed on the same slope until mid June. Gee what happened 2-3 weeks before – especially in the hardest hit areas Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and Houston?? I’d like to say there is a deficiency of observation and logic but I know it is just LIES!
    BTW ” Follow the science!!”

  3. KevinPaul says:

    WHO, IPCC, WMO, IMF, WBG, what is their true identity, their emblem reveals all, no hiding, they’re proud communists.

  4. Robert Gipson says:

    Dr. Kelly Victory:


    Another physician with impeccable credentials making far, far too much sense about COVID.

    Yeah, stick a fork in this video.

  5. Robert Gipson says:

    The neurotic reaction nowadays of media-junkie morons … to anyone they see in public without a mask .. calls to mind the concluding scene of the 1978 film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers:

  6. etudiant says:

    Masks are to protect others from you, by reducing the reach of your coughs and snorts.
    That is why surgeons wear masks, to protect the patient.
    They don’t protect you from the stuff floating around unless it is a really well fitted P100 type mask with full facial cover.
    The gradual spread of the CoViD case load reflects the incoherent approach to managing the outbreak, instituting school closings on the one hand and mass demonstrations on the other. This ‘bar the doors but open the windows’ approach is obviously ineffective, but appears to be politically advantageous.

    • Erika says:

      The thing that really flabbergasts me..is that this is a coronavirus (related to the common cold) and also related to SARS- both of which are totally known to spread through the air…but NOW the experts are coming out and saying they just discovered the fact this is airborne (duh!)

      So experts like Fauci are only just learning what any first year medical student is aware of?

      That is pretty pathetic.

      This after weeks of “experts” answering questions for hours on CNN about how long to leave packages in your garage so that you don’t get the virus..how to spray everythng down etc..

      I honestly believe someone needs to go to jail over this idiocy.

  7. arn says:

    How to do evil things and go unpunished?
    Sell them wrapped in good intentions.

    And people and climate will be ‘saved’ that way-
    wether they want it or not.
    And if Biden becomes president such lunacy will not be just the new normal
    but mandatory rule on every possible level.

  8. kzvx says:

    Months ago when the virus was first causing all the panic, nobody was wearing masks. For many weeks now, almost everyone is wearing masks – in the stores, workplaces, churches, wherever… and the infection rate keeps going up.
    So what does that tell you about how effective these stupid masks are?

  9. kevin roche says:

    Can you do this for other states with early mask mandates or with later ones or even compare to the US pattern. I think what we would see is that NM, for example, is worse than the country as a whole, probably the same or worse than Fla. or Texas. I just think showing this is critical, partly because being are being misled about the effectiveness of masks. Most states have data on cases by date available as does the Covid tracking project.

  10. Mark Luhman says:

    Yep, mask against a virus is like a chain length fence against mosquitoes, both work as well.

    • MGJ says:

      I will grant that a mask MAY offer some protection against someone sneezing right in your face – hardly a common encounter – but otherwise I agree completely. I don’t think most people have any idea how small a virus is; nor, if they do, what a nano-meter is!

  11. Robert Gipson says:

    Making masks mandatory actually serves three useful purposes:

    1. It allows the government to quickly identify those *not* in compliance (those *without* masks). It’s analogous, but the reverse, of when Nazis mandatorily required all Jews to wear yellow stars, so they could be easily picked out. And shipped out.

    2. It’s an intelligence test, to see how stupid the population is.

    3. It’s a beta test, to gauge how much the government can get away with. If they can get a large percentage of people lining up to wear masks, then they know that the population will not resist when more draconian (Phase 2) measures are mandated, no matter how baseless they are in fact.

  12. james ferguson says:

    Unless somebody can figure out a need for big Cities going forward, I think the whole Escape From New York concept, might be worth more consideration. Hey if its all about free rent, health care, and tuition….I think that could work. CHAZ was way ahead of its time.

  13. dm says:

    FAUXci timing: Might C19 exploiters time mandates to make them appear effective?

    NM’s mid-May mask mandate & ME’s draconian initial C19 policies illustrate why thinking, informed people should ask the question. C19 exploiters point to downward trends after implementation of such measures as proof such measures are effective. BUT, in both cases, the downward trends STARTED 2 or more weeks BEFORE such measures were implemented. Because the general public does NOT know cases started trending downwards BEFORE implementation, the pubic misunderstands cause & effect.

    An additional point helps conclude this post. C19 exploiters, in contrast to the general public, KNOW the data. Or, they should know it. So, they can wait to implement policies until AFTER C19 data are trending in favor of their political objectives.

  14. MGJ says:

    Trying to make sense of whether masks or social distancing or lockdown works could drive you mad. Depending where you look in the world, you can make a rock solid case to support almost any preformed conclusion you may have made. It seems that for every piece of evidence there is an equally persuasive counter-example refuting it.

    I think it is more illuminating to work out who is saying what and to ask what their motives are.

  15. Petit_Barde says:

    Masks are useless.

    Those who make them compulsory have an agenda which has nothing to do with healthcare : they should be saked, sued and jailed.

    See p. 100 of 2019 WHO’s survey :
    Non-pharmaceutical public health measures for mitigating the risk and
    impact of epidemic and pandemic influenza :

    Annex: Report of systematic literature reviews


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