Boris Panic : Below Average Deaths

Get the masks out Boris! People aren’t dying fast enough.

UK coronavirus live: deaths in England and Wales below five-year average for sixth week in a row, says ONS

UK coronavirus live: deaths in England and Wales below five-year average for sixth week in a row, says ONS | World news | The Guardian

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11 Responses to Boris Panic : Below Average Deaths

  1. arn says:

    Corona is a bigger scam than co2.
    But this may change when they unleash the real leathal virus
    that is necessary to push agenda 21

  2. Brian James says:

    July 24, 2020 7 randomized controlled trials show masks don’t stop infection… but let’s mandate them anyways! The COVID-19(84)

    With the Ontario government now advising face masks (like most of the WHO-driven world), I requested evidence to justify this new decree from staff at our local hospital. They pointed me towards a report from Ontario Public Health titled COVID-19 – What We Know So Far About…Wearing Masks in Public.

  3. Mike says:

    Not surprising because so many of the co-morbid deaths were merely accelerated, so they showed up in the last few months, and not now. The stats will settle out after a year or so, and maybe we will realize how pathetic our governmental responses have been (Sweden excepted).

  4. Thaipixie says:

    Boris is a closet green!!

  5. Viv C says:

    Here in the UK each day seems to bring another complex set of rules and quite bizarre behaviour from the government, who have clearly lost support of the people and will lose the next election if indeed that remains their aim. I can only conclude this is borne of incompetence or another more sinister agenda. The latter is beginning to seem more likely due to the lack of any medical or scientific rationale for their ever changing rules. Perhaps some fresh medical advisers who are not, or who have not been, connected with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation might help. Regarding the latter, the last time I saw Mr Gates speak on the subject of global vaccination he appeared more psychopathic in his delivery than that of the carefully crafted image of the avuncular philanthropist .
    I am heartened that an increasing number of independent and free thinkers are aware of Agenda 21 and all that may result and just as disappointed that a government I voted for appears to be rushing headfirst down that slippery slope.

  6. LexingtonGreen says:

    I so hope that is our headline leading up to the election. We are still a little up:

  7. UKJohn says:

    Here in UK we keep getting alarms about increased cases in certain areas and then the resulting need for local lockdowns etc.
    Meanwhile in the real world, hospital admissions for Covid 19 keep going down.
    Increased testing is exposing more cases but these cases just people suffering a bit of a cough and having to stay home fore a few days. But hey -why not just ruin the economy in the meantime, while we wait for Bill Gates to save us with his expensive vaccine.

  8. An Inquirer says:

    I skimmed the article. I did not see support for the headline: UK coronavirus live: deaths in England and Wales below five-year average for sixth week in a row, says ONS

  9. An Inquirer says:

    OK. I saw the paragraph labeled “4 d ago.” The writer certainly did not give much context for it.

    In the U.S., it takes a 2 months or so for data to get caught to be comparable to a year ago. Death certificate trickle in for weeks, so initial reports are low.

    I am not sure that the situation means what the headline is implying. But I do think that deviation from total death trend would be a much better measure than what we are currently doing where COVID-19 gets the blame whenever it is present.

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