Everyone In Japan Wears Masks

Everyone in Japan wears masks, and cases are skyrocketing.

By contrast, very few people in Norway wear masks, and they hardly have any cases.

Coronavirus Update (Live): 18,380,046 Cases and 695,311 Deaths from COVID-19 Virus Pandemic – Worldometer

There is zero evidence to support the idea that lockdowns or masks are effective long term.

The land with no face masks: Holland’s top scientists say there’s no solid evidence coverings work | Daily Mail Online

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10 Responses to Everyone In Japan Wears Masks

  1. kzvx says:

    Masks do nothing. It scares me how the US populace have meekly accepted the enforcement of mask wearing and think they are safe. Those who know masks are worthless need to rise up and get it overthrown because masks are the slippery slope towards mandatory vaccines, chips and the rest. Please do something, Trump!

    • Aussie says:

      Its like here in Australia. Masks are being made mandatory and when I have raised the fact that they are pretty useless and counter productive (most of those wearing them are doing so wrongly anyway), people say either I am crazy (and say that they have “heard that masks really work, and why would the govt be asking us to wear them if it was not true” or they acknowledge they aren’t great but that “at least they will “help” “.

      I can think of far more productive ways to “help” than masks.

      The big beneficiaries of masks will be criminals as they will just add a hoodie and then be incapable of being identified….

    • Joe says:

      The scariest thing about this situation is how people are blindly falling for this nonsense.

  2. Federico Jose says:

    Don’t you think not fair comparison.

    Norway: 6 million people
    Japan: 125 million people

    Area: about the same. Norway bigger
    Density difference by a magnitude of 20.

    • Pete says:

      Oh, so you want to try that crap now, huh?

      What were your thoughts on Japan’s density when they did approximately nothing in response to the first 5 months of this scamdemic, and had a death rate of about, 1 per 1 million?

  3. Federico Jose says:

    Unfair comparison

    Norway: 6 million people
    Japan: 125 million people

    Land area nearly the same. Norway bigger.

    Density multiple 6 times

  4. Federico Jose says:

    I don’t know why you are deleting my comment.

    I am among those who support you and point others to your site.

    I think my comment is legitimate. And looking for an answer as to why it is not a legitimate question.

    Norway: 6 million people
    Japan: 125 million people
    Land area: almost same Norway larger

    Density Japan 20 multiple over Norway.

    Is this not then an unfair comparison?

  5. Anders Valland says:

    The numbers for Japan might be because they:
    a)test more
    b)have more accurate tests
    c)have less accurate tests
    d)actually have an increase in infections
    e)actually have a decrease in infections

    or any combination of the above.

    Using number of daily infections is not informative, unless you now the real story on those five bullets. The number of daily deaths in Japan is not increasing, indicating d)is not necessarily the case.

    Norway has a population distribution and density which differs very much from Japan. Maybe also demography, I have not looked into it. We have a different social culture. All of which matters.

    I do not see masks as an effective precaution everywhere. Our health officials worry that people, being prone to the idea of “one measure to fix it all ” (analogous to “cut CO2-emissions and all problems are solved”), will relax the effective measures (stay home when you are sick, wash hands often, avoid physical contact with strangers) if they start using masks. I think so too.

  6. JPinBalt says:

    The mask ridiculousness is when you let politicians dictate medical decision. Here in Baltimore the number of people dying every day from murder now is about same as covid-19. Probability of death by murder or covid-19 about the same. Do we need to require all people going outside to wear body masks or bullet proof vests since risk is about same? Ridiculous Oh, in Maryland only a single person under 20 years old has died from covid-19, yet schools shutdown. Higher probability a school aged kid dies as a pedestrian by a vehicle accident than covid-19. Maybe we should ban the use of cars in MD similar to closing schools until we get that problem under control.

  7. Federico Jose says:

    I commented similar to Anders above yet you deleted my comment.

    You complain about being muzzled yet you seem to do the same. I have referred your blog to tens of folks because I do subscribe to your analyses.

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