New Video : Rambo

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18 Responses to New Video : Rambo

  1. Jeff L. says:

    Sorry for your loss Tony.

  2. Chuck says:

    Beautiful video Tony.

  3. Mike says:

    I love dogs.

  4. Liam says:

    Tony, I’m really sorry about your little dog. I know what it feels like. You got a great few year out of each other though, and I can see he had many, many happy days. Even though you may have a tinge of sadness for a long while, you can look back on those days with a smile and know you made each other happy. Best wishes.

  5. THX1138 says:

    RIP Rambo.

  6. Kevin Morin says:

    Dear Mr Heller, I’m thankful that Rambo’s last times were spent in the company of his loving family and good friends. Thanks for rescuing him and being his pack leader.

    And thanks for all you do to bring clarity out of the ‘culture-smog’.

    Kind regards,
    Kevin Morin

  7. KevinPaul says:

    Rambo was fortunate to have such a caring Master.

  8. Thomas says:

    This video is ‘not available in your country’ (Denmark, that is). – ? Any idea why?

  9. spike55 says:

    So sad when you use a much loved friend.! :-(

  10. Disillusioned says:

    Excellent tribute! Touching.

  11. Rah says:

    He’ll be waiting to greet you at the Rainbow Bridge someday Tony.

  12. Rah says:

    Catholics say that only humans have a soul. I think most of us that have been lucky enough to have lived part of our lives with a dog, know better.

  13. David Pounder says:

    So sorry for your loss Tony, what a lovely tribute to Rambo. Real dog owners know the sense of loss and emptyness. Keep safe and busy. With very best wishes.

  14. Peter Blackmore says:

    Tony, it looks as though he had a great life – and a long one at 16 or 17 years. I’ve had three dogs that lasted 17-19 years. Sadly the fourth died suddenly at 8 years with only one off-colour day in his life – that last day. Still have not got over that and it was three years ago.

  15. John Jennings says:

    Sorry to hear of the loss of Rambo.
    He looks as though he had a great innings though, as we say here in Aus.
    I’ve so envied your videos of your dogs freedom out walking, we are so restricted here.
    Thanks for all your work and our best to Toto and your new pup.

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