New Video : 3,800 Days Left For The Planet

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    • Gator says:

      Why would we want to prop up such an inefficient and eco-unfriendly form of power generation? Wind turbines produce very little CO2, and we need more.

  1. Steven Fraser says:

    OT entirely: An update on the ‘Texas “Permanent” Drought’:

    Today, Sept 1, 2020, measured rain in DFW was 1.29 inches, bringing the year’s total to 35.3 inches. This number is 97.66% of the _complete year_ accumulation climatology for 1981-2010, and 105.92% of the average of all years since measurements have been taken. As it stands, DFW is .854″ of rain under 100% of the average 30-year climatology, with 120 days remaining in the year.

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