New Video : The Media War On Civilization

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4 Responses to New Video : The Media War On Civilization

  1. DEEPLY appreciate your critical analysis and wide-ranging perspective Tony. The Media War on Civilization is another ball knocked out of the park. One suggestion to make more hard-hitting: from 3:36 to 5:12 overlay the text “CDC director Robert R. Redfield” as he is speaking.

    Further, since early April work is engaged chronicling and archiving this pandemic of FEAR at in the directory, Pandemic Parallax View. I wish to know where I can find the recording of Redfield in its entirety which you excerpt as I will mirror that and make a text transcript of what he is saying.

    Keep up your great work.
    Gratitude for exercising your intelligence with clarity and coherence.

  2. feathers says:

    Hey Tony – Loving the multiple short videos each day…very effective! Speaking of the media’s war on civilization, the once great magazine ‘The Economist’ has an article today titled “Why California is experiencing its worst fires on record”…all the hallmarks of a fake news story. Of course, The Economist is assuming no one will bother and fake check their claim; however, you’ve been preparing us for years for this fakery. Thanks Tony!

    • truth seeker says:

      I thank you for all you do to expose the lies of junk science. I really need your help with something. I work for a news outlet who is quoting lies of climate change. The latest is this article:
      I’m not a researcher, but I am a purveyor of truth. I would like your help combating this at my local level, if it is possible. And like feathers says, you have been preparing us to fact check fake claims.

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