New Video : Antifa Dot Com

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  1. Ken Davis says:

    I wonder why the registrant of would want to hide behind WhoIsGuard? It actually should be illegal to hide the domain registrant. We have a right to know.

  2. G W Smith says:


  3. DCA says:

    My first thought when I saw that was incredulity. My second thought was suspicion – maybe it’s a prank. However, from what I can find online, it is probably very easy to block unwanted traffic from other sites. So if that’s the case, why has the Biden campaign allowed this to continue?

  4. Name withheld says:

    I know this post was just a bit of fun, because obviously this is a bogus registration of a domain.
    Anyone could just as easily register a domain and point it to and then stupid people who don’t like you would use it to show that you are a nazi.
    Does that make it true? Of course not.

    Can you please categorise it as Satire? It is currently Uncategorised.

    I often refer people to your charts, but I can’t do that if they will find something easily-debunked because that’s what they will focus on and disregard everything else. They will take a joke seriously – if its clearly labelled then that safely disarms it.

    Please realise how important your work is :-)

  5. tom0mason says:

    He’s never been a great communicator but now Biden is the great babbler …

  6. Traveler says:

    Thanks Tony,

    Sent this to Tucker Carlson. He airs it tonight.

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