New Video : Left Wing Mathematics

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  1. MrGrimNasty says:

    You’ve picked up a spoof report on London. See variant flag for a clue:-

    However the London organiser was fined £10,000 unlike BLM and ongoing XR protests so far. Certainly double standards.

  2. Chris Emblen says:

    This is getting pretty ridiculous now. At 4.35 that definitely isn’t London, it may be Belarus, not sure, but it certainly isn’t London and including that lie simply invalidates everything else in the video, which is a shame because you speak a lot of sense on many things.
    You are really careful to get things right on Climate but if the same due diligence is not applied elsewhere you come across as a crank like Piers Corbyn.
    Take care.

  3. Chris Emblen says:

    If you’d read the tweet you made so much of even the tweet author says it’s a spoof.
    Please stick to your great climate stuff.

  4. nfw says:

    The Australian police? Er, you know better than that Mr Heller. Saying that is the same as saying the police in LA are The American Police. It’s the police in the socialist run state of Victoria (Australia has state police forces). In the state in which I live the population has pretty much given up on the stupidity. It’s not to say the moron politicians are not still trying to frighten the Karens, but if you want to wear a face nappy (diaper) and look stupid that’s up to you while you’re out shopping or travelling anywhere you want in the state.

  5. sonofametman says:

    Hi Tony, I enjoy your blog, but please check your sources a bit better.
    The section in this video which claims to be of a huge anti-lockdown protest London (4:28 onwards), is in fact an anti-government protest in Minsk in Belarus.
    As soon as I looked at it I thought that it was wrong, there just aren’t any streets in London that have such consistently huge
    monolithic architecture as that. I immediately thought ‘Soviet Era’.
    You show a screenshot of someone on twitter claiming that the video has been doctored, replacing the
    flag of St. George with the (anti-government) Belarus flag. Pure nonsense.
    He’s talking rot, and you made the mistake of repeating it.
    You do a great job digging up historical and more recent facts with regard to the great climate change fraud, but current news moves fast, and there is ‘fake’ everywhere.
    Please be more careful on this sort of stuff so you can’t be discredited for the climate related material.

  6. pad says:

    it’s an amazing thing to agree with an individual on a topic, and so vehemently disagree on another. disagreement is health in society. so i guess we’re good! i recommend the corbett report sir.


  7. SomeBlokeFromCambridge says:

    Sadly Tony, the London vid isn’t London, it is some fake. Have a look at Toby Young’s site for a good source of UK data and links…

    As an in-place victim, I can report that the Brits are largely in thrall of the Coronadoom narrative. The BBC, Sky News, The Grauniad and most retailers of Truthiness are wall to wall “Cases” hysteria. Even my aging mother, who did teach primary school with maths & science believes that she is at great risk if a jogger runs past at 1999mm instead of two meters (even when the WTO said 1m).

    I was just this evening in the new Aldi supermarket at Royston and all customers were wearing their Borris Johnson et al mandated masks, except for me and two other blokes. Fortunately they aren’t enforcing the way the Ozzies are, but should I get a fine I’ll keep the ticket as a badge of pride.

    It is, I am sorry to say, much the same as the Climate hysteria. We engineer types and all other sensible folks can point to plain evidence that falsifies the popular belief but all we will get back is fact free nonsense, ad hom, etc.

    As was said, men (being a pre-woke word meaning “mankind” or “people”) go mad as crowds and only regain their sanity one by one. And this takes some time, and oftentimes just morphs into some new nonsense.

    Still, keep up the good work. I reckon Muffin (who lives at my place, just over the Gogs from ARM) would agree with Toto as I do with you :-)

  8. stef says:

    Please, Tony, make another video acknowledging this mistake. Please don’t give the enemy any ammo to use against you.

  9. Tim Hunter says:

    Check your sources, this looks bad. Belarus. BBC are fairly left wing and I have issues with their impartiality and editorial policy especially in relation to Climate Change. But they do check their sources and they did report this protest, just in the correct country and context.

  10. Michael Gentile says:

    Only the Left may use fake data and bogus math. They may adjust the facts to fit their narrative because the narrative must support their agenda.

    We should never make those short sighted mistakes. Eventually, their pile of steaming poop will collapse under its own weight. Then the People will know the Truth and the Truth will set them Free. Time is the test of all things, and so far the Left is failing.

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