New Video : CDC : COVID 19 Cures The Flu

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  1. MrGrimNasty says:

    The latest ONS data (Fig 1) has England and Wales deaths from flu and non-covid pneumonia ~6 times higher than Covid deaths, and deaths overall at about the 5 year average. All covid/flu/pnemonia only accounts for 13% of deaths.

    Some people are claiming the lockdown also stopped the spread of flu, clearly not in England and Wales, lockdown was 23rd March, flu deaths were running a little below average at the start of the year and more or less stayed there.

  2. czechlist says:

    410,000-740,000 hospitalizations?
    Since 0 care was introduced every doctor and nurse has been carrying a laptop. How can there be such a large variation from hospitals? So hospitals don’t know what their patients are afficted with? And doesn’t every death require a death certificate stating cause? 24,000-62,000 flu deaths? Another wide variation. Is there no nationl repository for collecting data?
    As I mentioned in a previous thread the CDC data is mostly estimates preceded by caveats. I’m with Birx on not trusting the career bureaucrats at CDC.
    Turn this data collection over to social media sites. They know how to collect and use data .

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