New Video : Erosion Of Rights In Hong Kong

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3 Responses to New Video : Erosion Of Rights In Hong Kong

  1. KevinPaul says:

    Nicely exposed blind hypocrisy.
    Present New Zealand GDP loss projected to be 21 Billion…. I’m sure this is an underestimation, and considering ongoing policy just the tip of the iceberg, when nature really bites, and we become a potty deposit.

    Auckland supermarkets are open but greengrocers have to close, how idiotic is that! Fruit and veges are what our immune health needs most. Combined comprehension of a flea circus.

  2. just a thought says:

    Just a not so miner correction.

    The sentence “The people who hid Ann Frank were breaking the law.” is (obviously) correct.

    The sentence “The people who killed her were following it.” isn’t strong enough. It should read “The people who murdered her…”

    Saying she was “killed,” while technically correct, is more than a tad too pareve, i.e., neutral. It was “murder,” so let’s call it that, OK? Otherwise, no complaint about the rest. As usual, it’s an exemplary job of exposing the motives of the demonic lefitists.

  3. czechlist says:

    I jog alone unmasked through my neighborhood. I avoid others out of courtesy but sometimes get furrowed brows from masked pedestrians ( likely the masks hide sneers). I enjoy smiling and winking at masked motorists. I wear an orange vest and I am thinking I should attach some type of protest sign to it since protesters are apparently immune from criticism.
    Thinking about “Unmasked Joggers Matter”

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