New Video : Europe’s History Of Genocide

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  1. Scissor says:

    I don’t know if there is any help for Smalley9. His name is probably in reality descriptive and he uses metric units, probably centimeters.

    What strikes me about the firearms confiscated from the Jews, is that such as relatively few guns were apparently effective at least up to that point.

    Global tyranny can only be prevented by the realization that the right to defend oneself is innate.

  2. Carla says:

    You are completely right Tony,
    Here in the Netherlands we are running towards the end of democratie.
    This week they will try to pass a legislation that gifs these ‘ brown shirts’ all the power they need and bypasses our democratic constitution.
    Please America, help us!!

    Vote Trump 2020

  3. D. Boss says:

    Excellent, hard hitting, no nonsense as usual Tony!

    Here’s some more ammunition against the left wing’s useful idiots who propose confiscating guns: (Unfortunately as you’ve recently pointed out, none of them appear capable of math or science determinations, so it will fall on mostly deaf ears but here goes…)

    Kinetic Energy (in Joules) is 1/2mv^2. That is for the mathematically challenged, one half times mass (in kilograms) times velocity (in meters per second) squared.

    A 22 caliber bullet (used in the AR-15) has a mass of 1.9 grams, or 0.0019 kg. When it’s fired from a rifle, it goes 500 meters per second. Therefore it has a kinetic energy of 237.5 Joules.

    Now the rioters all over, are in fact hurling frozen water bottles at police or other persons. The average person of young age (say below 45) can hurl things at about 22.3 m/sec.

    A 1 liter bottle full of water has a mass of 1 kg, so the kinetic energy of the frozen water bottles thrown at police or other persons is 248.6 Joules.

    The amount of damage a moving object can do is based on it’s kinetic energy. As you can see, throwing frozen water bottles can inflict as much potential damage as a 22 caliber bullet can. Both are dependent on where they hit a person of course.

    And to the nit pickers, penetration ability is a different calculation, involving the surface area of contact and time span of the kinetic energy release – so the bullet can penetrate flesh and bone while the water bottle’s energy is spread over far more area in a far longer time frame due to their differential velocity…. You can however kill someone with either the bullet or the water bottle if the impact is in the right place!

    A baseball bat, mass = 0.96 kg, swinging at say someone’s head or chest at about 40 m/s, yields a kinetic energy of 768 Joules. Or three times the kinetic energy of a thrown water bottle or 22 cal bullet!

    No doubt you can seriously injure or kill someone by swinging full on with a baseball bat aimed at critical areas of the human body! (or 2″ x 4″ boards as in some asinine rioters)

    Now for punches:

    ” While beginners might only be able to muster a measly 37.5 joules of energy, experts can deliver over 400 joules, an amount roughly equal to getting shot by a handgun!”

    There is no valid argument against guns as a tool. We already can do as much or more damage to others with common things – including punches which if landed in the right place, will kill someone! (or a kick to the head as in recent video from Portland – that miscreant should be charged with attempted murder)

    The only difference between these methods of delivering kinetic energy to a target, is that “long distance feeling” with the rifle. Punch and bat are only effective within a meter or so, frozen water bottles only within say 10 meters, and the handgun about 30 meters, and the rifle out to 300 meters.

    Fact is more people are killed by blunt force trauma (bats, bricks, fists) and/or knives than are killed by rifles:

    The tool doesn’t kill people, people using various tools or bare fists kill people!

    For some reference, a loaded airliner flying into the WTC on 9-11 had a kinetic energy of 5,050 MJ (Mega Joules), and that is equivalent of just about 1,100 tons of TNT being detonated. Hiroshima released about 13,000 tons of TNT equivalent.

    And speaking of tools, the rocket scientists at NASA saw the piece of foam break off the external fuel tank on ascent of Columbia, and hit the leading edge of the shuttle’s wing, and these so called scientists and engineers said it was nothing because it was only low density foam.

    Duh, they are supposed to be ballistics experts and 1/2mv^2 rules any ballistic occurrence. That foam block was about 2.74 kg, traveling at 291 m/s, so a kinetic energy of 116,000 Joules, or roughly 250 times as much as a 22 cal bullet! Of course it damaged the wing. (and these same sorts of idiots now proclaim the sky is falling a la the Climate Crisis Cult!)

  4. Terry Shipman says:

    As one who has a degree in history I think Toto has a very good grasp of history. It’s a good thing I received my degree back when history was actually taught.

  5. Jacob Levenstein says:

    I posted the following comment on YouTube twice and each time it was deleted.

    I wrote the following:

    It wasn’t just the Germans who were responsible for the mass murder of the Jews of Europe but countries all over Europe helped the Germans. There were a few exceptions such as Denmark, Sweden, and Bulgaria. There may have been a few more. The French rounded up Jewish children for the Germans to murder when the Germans had not yet asked for children. The Ukrainians and Lithuanians were horrendous. Any Jews who escaped into the Soviet Union were protected by the Soviet Union. Many, maybe most or all, were sent to Siberia to be out of the way, but the Jewish refugees were treated about the same as any other refugees who made it into the USSR. The Jews who made it to Japan were also saved. The country where I was born and grew up, Canada, had a policy as to Jewish refugees which became the title of a book: None is Too Many. Jews revered President Roosevelt for decades. Now that we know what he did and did not do, I think most Jews now curse him for his role during and before World War II. His wife on the other hand behaved quite differently than him but she was not the POTUS. She did what she could to help us.

  6. feathers says:

    Brillant video Tony!

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