New Video : Joe Biden Vs Freedom

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  1. Joel O'Bryan says:


    You should consider a video history throwback to 1945 and the “The Sick Man of Yalta.” Highlight how a melanoma disabled FDR, with his cerebral mini-strokes impairing cognitive function, led to a Russian dictator taking advantage of a weak feeble US President. Ultimately leading to a disastrous post-WW2 outcome for eastern Europe and the Kuril Islands and the Korea peninsula. Hiding mental disabilities in a President can and will lead to non-linear outcomes unforeseeable by manipulative Democrats. I could write something up for Anthony’s WUWT, but I really don’t have the time to do the subject justice.

    – Joel

    • Joel O'Bryan says:

      A good place to start is here:

      “Unequivocally, Roosevelt was suffering from frequent episodic lapses of consciousness known to neurologists as complex partial seizures. They were witnessed and reported by dozens of observers, and our book includes graphic descriptions by the likes of Secretary of Labor Francis Perkins, New York Times editor Turner Catledge and Senator Frank Maloney of Connecticut. ”

      This quote is very pertinent:
      “The doctor told me that from what Anna has outlined to him Franklin D. Roosevelt was for a long time before he died—and particularly when he went to Yalta and Tehran (sic)—suffering from hemorrhages of the brain. The doctor said he died “from a big hemorrhage” but for several years before his death he had a lot of “little hemorrhages,” small blood vessels bursting in his brain. When these burstings occurred—and they were frequent during his last years—he would be unconscious (completely out) although sitting up and apparently functioning for periods of from a few seconds to several minutes. Dr Schmidt said he has no doubt from his conversations with Anna that these were occurring regularly at the time he was meeting with Churchill and Stalin and holding other momentous conferences of the utmost importance to the United States. He said the effect would be that he would be cognizant of what was going on, then suddenly lose the thread completely for anywhere from a few seconds to two or three minutes—and that he could not possibly have known what was going on in between.”

      Stalin and Russian intelligence knew this and took advantage of the US and the weak FDR at Yalta.

  2. Chewer says:

    An excellent assessment in merely a few minutes.
    This current episode of biological warfare has had some thought put into it, and the assailants will not stop with their quest!

  3. KevinPaul says:

    Got an hour, an interesting comparison made….

    P.S. I vote for David H. Gorski to recieve the first cov-2 vaccine rounds.

  4. W C says:

    Just found your blog via a link someone sent me to this video.

    Thank you for the good work. Have subscribed via RSS.

  5. arn says:

    Joe Biden vs nothing.

    This guy has no say in “his” choice of the Vice President.
    That’s why ‘he’ chose Kamala Harris who called him a racist and many other names during the debate.
    He also has no say in wearing masks or whatever.
    He gets his script,pretends to run a country
    and will eventually be replaced by Kamala Harris
    as it is not possible to go to war with a white president
    but it is with a black chick(the msm is already working hard on declaring her black for this purpose)

  6. Tom Bauch says:

    Tony, big fan of your site… Try to spread the word when I can, without incurring too much ‘cancel culture’ risk… Keep up the great analysis.

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