New Video : Progress With Defunding The Police

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5 Responses to New Video : Progress With Defunding The Police

  1. Felton Suthon says: – This guy wrote about George Floyd’s death by heart attack and the fact that Derek Chauvin and his associates went by the book on “Excited Delerium Syndrome” a long time ago.

    • Gator says:

      This is why the mob riots, they do not want us to have time to look at the facts. Fact-free environments allow leftists to thrive.

  2. Ben Jacobs says:

    Tony, I was wondering what this site had to do with science. Then I noticed all of the content is posted by you…

    Science isn’t what you’re promoting here mate. It’s partisan political opinion under the guise of REALCLIMATESCIENCE (Maybe get a job in the field if you feel you could contribute? Maybe interview individuals? Maybe be a bit more skeptical of your own perspective?)

  3. Ben Jacobs says:

    My comment is awaiting moderation?

    I’m going to speak to some folk at google about moderating your outlets…

  4. rw says:

    OT, but in case no one else has noticed this yet: I typed in realclimatescience on google just now, and the browser automatically added wikipedia. Clearly, the guys at Google are as busy as ever.

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