No Lie Is Too Big For The Press In 2020

Three days ago, Time Magazine published this article saying that the Swedish COVID response is a disaster, and that they have failed to reduce their coronavirus mortality  rates.

Why the Swedish Model for Fighting COVID-19 Is a Disaster | Time

Sweden currently has one of the lowest mortality rates in the world and it is going down, even as it rises in the rest of Europe.

Coronavirus Pandemic Data Explorer – Our World in Data

The dates referenced in the article hit piece are May 7 and June 10.

Reported Covid-19 deaths in Sweden | Swedish Covid-19 statistics

Total deaths per million in Sweden is less than many places which did hard lockdowns.

Coronavirus Update (Live): 39,712,054 Cases and 1,110,917 Deaths from COVID-19 Virus Pandemic – Worldometer

And deaths were much lower than forecast.

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22 Responses to No Lie Is Too Big For The Press In 2020

  1. Robertv says:

    The Fact-Free COVID Dystopia | Thomas E. Woods. Jr.

  2. Conrad Ziefle says:

    It seems to me that you really can’t compare C19 death rates unless you are sure that the deaths are being counted in exactly the same way. That is, one place may count the death due to a comorbidity, such as diabetes, and another place (like the US) may count the death due to C19 despite the comorbidity seeming to be the cause. Also if you test a lot then you will find more cases of C19 and when that person dies, you might count the death to be due to C19. If you never tested the person, then you would not count to death due to C19. I don’t trust the death comparisons. To me it would be better to compare the death rate from all diseases this year to the previous 10 years, and any increase beyond 2 standard deviations compared to the mean of previous 10 years, you might attribute to C19.

  3. Tony S. says:

    I wonder if the CDC is futzing with their data. On August 20 I took a screenshot of a chart on their website showing the COVID death counts through 8/15. I did this to post on FB to show that the death counts at that time were practically nil, according to the CDC. Here is that screenshot:

    That chart came from this page on the CDC website:

    But, look at the chart they have today. The numbers are different. For example, for the week ending 8/15 on the first chart the deaths look to be less than 500. But, on the chart today they list nearly 7000 deaths for that week.

    Look at the week ending 8/1 on the first chart. Less than 2000 deaths but today they list 8000.

    The most deaths in a week on the first chart was about 5500 for the week of 4/25 but on the new chart they now have 17,000.

    Maybe I’m missing something.

  4. L. Cox says:

    Hey Tony, would you make a video/blog post on Belarus? No lockdown, no masks, less than 1,000 reported deaths. The population isn’t even all that healthy (1/4 obesity, high alcodol rates, just look it up). They had a spike in cases around may-june and then now are having another spike in cases but the deaths have remained relatively stable, quiet low. I guess the death rate can be calculated to be about 1% there (I’m sure it’s mostly elderly / pre-existing conditions). CNN managed to actually fact check Biden a while back, citing US military figures showing a 0.0175% death rate for soldiers. (
    I don’t know if you mentioned that yet, I follow a few sites critical of this stuff. Your videos are great though. You probably should link the BitChute video (and other websites) that went along with this article at the top or bottom, by the way. And in the BitChute/YouTube description of the video you could link the accompanying blog article (this would help more in the future for older videos associated with older blog posts).

    And what about NZ? Their PM has been praised for what she did in the lockdown but NZ’s economy is in the worst recession ever! (

    Keep it up! Debunking both the “Climate change” and “Covid pandemic” hoax at the same time must be a lot of work. I’ve also noticed that Google search has been complete garbage lately, they’re burying stories critical of the pandemic. I’ve been using Duckduckgo and just getting better results. This is only going to get worse!

  5. L. Cox says:

    @Conrad Ziefle – yes the covid death figures are complete garbage. I found these 2 articles written about it, they’re a bit dated though (from April) but still worthwhile:

    How the Coronavirus / COVID-19 death totals are a COMPLETE LIE

    On Flu Mortality rates and the fraudulent Coronavirus statistics

  6. Gummans Gubbe says:

    And if nothing special happens Sweden will have a year with less total deaths than average.

    “The coronavirus crisis presents an opportunity for a “new kind of capitalism” and “great reset” of global economies, politics, and societies”. Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum.

  7. Petit_Barde says:

    What ‘s laughable is that the Time acknowledges in its own sharticle that Sweden has done better than most of the compared countries which applied lockdown (see left column “Since the start of the pandemic”) :
    – better than US, Belgium, UK, Italy and Spain.

    And now, lets compare the GDP, domestic violence, suicides, alcoholism, effect of all the serious diseases not addressed in time due to closed hospitals, etc. of each country during this period …

    The Time’s idiotic (and actually dangerous) clowns are shameless.

    Even the WHO acknowledges that the only effect of the lockdown has been to induce an economic and health disaster especially for the poorest :

    Dr. David Nabarro from the WHO :
    “We at the WHO DO NOT advocate lockdowns.”

    I wonder if this sentence is sufficiently understandable for a lockdownistard.

  8. Addolff says:

    Excellent post as always Tony, many thanks for your time and effort with pulling back the curtain.

    One question – As far as I can see, Japan didn’t have a hard lockdown, so could you ask your ‘Far East’ member of the Real Climate Team for her take on the measures taken in Japan and the number of deaths / cases?

  9. Tel says:

    Why do you have “USA Total” and then also have “USA” in the same graph? Fortunately they look like the values are equal, because otherwise it would be weird.

    I know, I come up with petty stuff but I’ve seen so many graphs for so many years that these small things jump out at me.

  10. leon tesla says:

    Perhaps you would be interested in this article referring to the work of Marcello Ferrada de Noli, a professor emeritus of epidemiology, formerly at Karolinska Institute, Sweden, and Harvard Medical School, chairing Swedish Doctors for Human Rights, or SWEDHR:

    It confirms the information in the Time article. The study compares Sweden’s dismal Covid results to its Scandinavian neighbors, concluding that even at this late date, herd immunity is not something to put one’s trust in.

    • Petit_Barde says:

      First of all, Herd immunity is not an option but the only way humans fight against and get rid of a virus.

      BTW, a study which compares apples to bananas should not be trusted :

      Sweden (from Stockholm – where I to worked some years ago – to Malmoe and Goteborg – where lives some of my relatives) and the south coast where live most of the Swedish people) is comparable to south UK or Belgium, not Norway or Finland.

      Furthermore, anyone sensible would take no action against a virus which causes death to people aged 84 when the life expectancy of Swedish people is 82,3.

      There are indeed way more sensible actions to do against for example, cancer, car crashes, alcoholism, suicides, due to Post-traumatic stress disorders caused by a lockdown for instance, something Noli should be aware of.

  11. Gamecock says:

    Time in a vacuum. Life isn’t only about coronavirus mortality rates. Though most governors have been herded into that mentality.

  12. arn says:

    One just needs to compare the
    pre-covid predicted death rates for every country
    with the real death rate
    and compare it to the excess mortality(i think this is the correct english rate)
    minus the excess mortality in terms of suicide which massivly increased as result of lockdowns.
    And i am pretty sure we are very close to the expected pre-covid numbers.
    (and for some reason “refugee” camps and BLM protests are extremly “resistent” to covid,just as people who are in permanent contact with costumers)

    The tricks the global mafia will use(besides shameless lying ,twisting,spinning and “aduisting)
    is the death rates of poor countries,
    as those countries already struggled to feed their population
    during normal times.
    After the lockdown and destruction of economy many will starve but it will officially be sold to us as “covid-deaths”
    just as they will blame new waves of refugees on Trump,global warming etc
    but not on UN lockdowm caused poverty.

  13. John Sweeney says:

    Wonder why our press is so fixated on COVID scares…. Just to sell clicks?

  14. Mark A Luhman says:

    If the times publish something you know it a 180 degrees from the truth. How it got to be called the Newspaper of record is beyond me, it been doing this for over a hundred years.

  15. Fay van Dunk says:

    Testing. Everyone talks about testing but no-one mentions that the test that is being use universally is the PCR test invented by Kary Mullis who declared it should not be used to test viruses. Strangely he sadly died of pneumonia in August 2019 after speaking out about HIV which he believed did not lead to AIDS.
    How can any government accept the results of the PCR test? More over in the UK the test has been magnified 45 times so it easily identifies remnants of viruses in the system from past illnesses such as colds and influenza causing false-positive results. It is shocking and beyond words that millions of lives have been ruined and destined to impoverished lives while the perpetrators of this incredulous crime go scot free.

  16. oldefarte says:

    Granted, I’ve been looking at statistics all morning (on another issue – did you know that 2/3rds MORE people were killed by other people’s hands and feet than by rifles – incl. but not limited to “assault type weapons” – in 2019; Knives, btw, killed over 4X as many), so my brain may be a bit fuzzy, but I presume that your first graph is actually taken from the “TIME” article itself. And, if that surmise is correct, then it would seem that “TIME’s” own numbers belie its premise, since it shows that most other European countries (who imposed the type of lockdowns “TIME” seems to advocate for) actually had higher death counts than did Sweden. So in what fashion is Sweden’s response “dismal”? I mean, seriously, it’s one thing to use fake numbers or to ignore inconvenient ones, but how do you look at that graph and decide that Sweden’s response was singularly poor? I mean, seriously, “deaths in A and B are greater than deaths in C, therefore C did it wrong”… WTF? And, incidentally, since “Twitter”, among others, takes the position that any post which contradicts WHO’s official stance on the coronavirus must be banned, should I assume that “TIME” is now under official interdict from the moguls of the internet (given that WHO is vociferously claiming that they never advocated “lockdowns” and that “lockdowns” are “bad”)?

    So I remain confused. Does “TIME” simply assume that its readers are too stupid to look at a graph and figure it out? Okay, granted, I may think that about anyone who wastes money and time on “TIME”, but it seems a tad cynical for “TIME” to take that position… If that graph is actually taken from the “TIME” article, their premise and conclusion simply make no sense. Can anyone explain this to me?

    Some days I feel as tho’ I fell down the rabbit hole while I was distracted ’cause it just keeps getting “curiouser and curiouser”.

  17. Conrad Ziefle says:

    It’s pretty clear at just about every website that is publishing data that Sweden is doing better than everyone else in Europe. Also the comparison to Sweden’s “neighbors” is, in my opinion, a selective propaganda sham. The Marxists always trim the data and focus in on a blemish that meets their narative, regardless of how misleading that blemish is of the health of the entire system. A lot of humans seem to be easily mezmerized by this kind of myobia. I really like your link to “Our World in Data.” The dynamic graphs are fantastic. I’m adding that link to the ever growing list of links at my website. It seems very clear, as one would rationally expect given our cutting edge health system, that the US is actually doing a very good job of minimizing the death rate, which is the most important thing. Lastly, I made some adjustments to my link list and lost the video of the lady who talked about “Flooding the Zone”, a method of overwhelming people with propaganda. I thought I got the link here, but I can’t find it any more. If someone knows what I mean, please repost the link to her video.

  18. I first came upon this graph, courtesy of Ivor Cummings, someone with whom you should consider collaborating Tony as he is the Irish version of yourself. I think you two would make an amazing team.

    This graph is the result of a post-mortem analysis of those that died with COVID-19 and those that died because of it. You can see that the total here is 872, not 5,83 as it was state at the time of the audit by the Swedish Public Health Authority.

    Thanks again for your great work Tony.

  19. Leon, I just skimmed the article presented by Ferrada de Noli and found quite a number of inaccuracies which then causes me to wonder why he wrote this piece. Here is but one of the inaccuracies:
    “However, five months’ later this has not been achieved, and Sweden’s economy has suffered just as much, if not more, than its neighbors who used lockdown measures.”

    Other Nordic countries that went into lockdown injected public, often borrowed money, into their economy thereby showing an artificial GDP. Sweden did not. I’ve included Sweden’s debt to GDP ratio. You can see that they have worked hard to get it down. There is no doubt that Sweden’s economy was adversely affected by this event because it is dependent on trade and intercourse with its neighbours, all of which retracted sharply because of their actions.

    The next bit of misinformation is “In Sweden, most of the Covid-19 victims were 70 years or older. ” The average age, if I remember correctly, was 82 years of age with a median of 84. Coincidentally, the average life expectancy in Sweden is 82. There is a huge difference between “over 70” and 82.

    For a less sensational, more factual review, I recommend

  20. Marguerite says:

    I hope there’s a special place set aside in “hell” for people in power who lie through their teeth, such as CIA controlled Time magazine and mainstream media. What they are doing is a crime against humanity and a crime that also blackens the soul. even if they don’t believe in consequences for their actions or that there is a price to pay, there are universal laws that stack up and record these crimes. I will continue to live a life where I practice the golden rule and live a honest honorable life.

    Thanks Tony for your tireless efforts

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