Great Britain October Mean Temperatures Cooling Since 1995

Hi, everyone.
Today, I made a chart of UK mean monthly temperatures for October using data from the Japan meteorological Agency(JMA).

11 of 14 stations which have the data since the 1980’s show October mean temperatures have been cooling or have no trend for 26 years.

Similar patterns were seen other months. Examples: here and here.

As we all know, our mainstream media has been hijacked by climate alarmists and are ignoring such trends.

If you want check out other European charts for October I made, you can check them here and here.

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14 Responses to Great Britain October Mean Temperatures Cooling Since 1995

  1. 0atMMC says:

    Many thanks for your work

  2. John Dawson says:

    Out of interest Kirye, what does the dotted upwards sloping line represent, near the top of the graphed data? I see there’s one near the bottom of the data too.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Tish Farrell says:

    As a gardener with a vegetable allotment (community garden) this does not surprise me. Over the past years our UK winters may have been less harsh and certainly very wet, but the growing season, over all, has been striking me as on the cool side for quite a while now. Odd hot spells of course, but v. brief. Thanks for the info and your hard work, Kirye.

  4. John Haller says:

    Well as far as trends go, it’s a runaway global warming alright! It’s only good fortune that allows me to read temperature trends accurately!

  5. Jeff Ford says:

    Strange reason to destroy your economy and make citizens poorer.

  6. Disillusioned says:

    Good job! Thank you Kirye!

    Hey everyone: I just found out Tony is going to be on Coast to Coast AM on Saturday night.
    Tony Heller is an environmentalist, geologist (with a BS in Geology from Arizona State University), electrical engineer and teacher, who analyzes science claims. He joins Richard Syrett… to discuss the contradictions of scientists saying this has been the worst fire season on record and why he believes this has been the worst junk science season on record.

    I go to bed early, but will set my alarm to listen to this. Everyone, pass this on!

    – Tony, I hope this very slow moving website will be able handle the traffic it is about to receive.

  7. Mohatdebos says:

    Kirye or Tony,
    I have to give a lecture to a University of Michigan faculty club. Can I impose on you to do a long-term temperature chart for Ann Arbor, Michigan or send me instructions on how to do it. I understand Ann Arbor has one of the best located weather stations in the country.

  8. Claire Ketteler says:

    Hi Tony
    Your videos are not posting on Youtube, likely blocked by the assholes for the last two weeks as far as I can see. Please go to and start posting stuff there. We need your information out there!!!!

  9. Peter Carroll says:

    Meanwhile the BBC have just reported that Sydney (Australia) has just recorded its, “Hottest night on record”!
    The only problem is, it is only the hottest night since a hotter night in 1967.
    That was in the PCC period of history. (Pre Climate Change)
    But, whats a little bit of BS in the big scheme of climate change things?

    • Greg in NZ says:

      Peter, did your BBC ‘balance the propaganda’ by ALSO stating the Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting SNOW for the summits of Tasmania for not only the first day of our S.H. ‘summer’ but also the second? No, I didn’t think so.

      Across the Tasman Sea, here in New Zealand, it’s been SNOWING all day on the tops of the South Island peaks: tomorrow, Tuesday 1st Dec, first day of ‘summer’, will dawn to the *catastrophic* sight of fresh snow on the mountains – nothing out of the ordinary, yet somewhat confusing for PM Princess Cindy who plans to announce a *Climate Emergency* on the very same day… d’oh!

  10. oldefarte says:

    Before the COVID scamdemic put him on permanent vacation, my 9 year old grandson, while he rode with me after school had ended for the day, earnestly told me about “all the bad things that come out cars…”, which prompted an impromptu lesson on “global warming” and the importance of CO2 (the cab of my truck being my version of Plato’s Academy for my grandchildren – a place where we can engage in Socratic discussion of the BS he gets fed at school). Today, I got to give another lesson – about fog. In my life I’ve lived through a lot of cooling and warming cycles and something I’ve noted is the coastal fogs. When I was born in December of 1951, as the world was still in the cooling phase which had started in the early 40’s (much to the chagrin of the German Army pushing toward Moscow), winters on the California coast were foggy – indeed, my mother remembered it as “the foggiest night” she’d ever experienced. By the time we’d moved back east, in 59, however, the fogs were much attenuated as the temperature warmed. When, however, I returned to California in the mid-70’s, as “the coming ice age” was garnering hysterical attention, I noticed, once more, that the fogs were heavy, a situation which persisted into the 1980’s, when, after another brief residence back east, I moved back to the coast (this time to Oregon), where the fogs were as impenetrable as they’d been in California. Soon enough, however, as the globe went through one of its warming cycles, catching the attention of people like James Hansen and Al Gore, those fogs disappeared. But here’s the thing… they’re back. They began to reappear about 10 years ago, but, in the last 3-4 years, they’ve become heavy and persistent (today, 11/29/20, never saw even a hint of sun). Granted, this is not hard science, but merely anecdotal evidence that we are, in fact, once again progressing through a cooling cycle. The fogs may be anecdotal evidence (and a bit of a “trailing indicator”), but, unlike NASA and NOAA, they don’t lie and what they tell me is that global warming may be about to hit the hard wall of perceptual reality – the point where even the scientifically untutored are forced to doubt, just based on what they, themselves, are obliged to deal with. Thank God, I suppose, that we now have these horrible infectious diseases to worry about. That global warming farce seems to have “jumped the shark” when they foisted dear, dreadful, little Greta on us. Between depressingly dismal, little girls and depressingly dismal weather, people may finally be beginning to tire of all these inconvenient truths, so it’s good that we have a plague to keep them occupied and compliant.

  11. Snickrologen says:

    IPCC member Stephen Henry Schneider was interviewed 1989 in discover magazine where he said:

    “On the one hand, as scientists we are ethically bound to the scientific method, in effect promising to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but — which means that we must include all the doubts, the caveats, the ifs, ands, and buts. On the other hand, we are not just scientists but human beings as well. And like most people we’d like to see the world a better place, which in this context translates into our working to reduce the risk of potentially disastrous climatic change. To do that we need to get some broadbased support, to capture the public’s imagination. That, of course, entails getting loads of media coverage. So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have. This ‘double ethical bind’ we frequently find ourselves in cannot be solved by any formula. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest. I hope that means being both.”

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