New Video : Colorado Listens To The Scientists

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6 Responses to New Video : Colorado Listens To The Scientists

  1. mike wiebel says:

    I’ve lived in CO my whole life (more than 50 years); most of it on the front range and witnessed the change from Colorado to Commie-rado. In the spring I’ll be selling my property and moving to WY.

  2. Frey says:

    Hi Tony, can you link me to the reference for that marvelous quote about the urge to rule?

    “The urge to save humanity is invariably a false face for the urge to rule.”

    thank you

  3. DANIEL SMEAL says:

    Unfortunately, the Cali leftist slime is flowing to the east (AZ, here in NM, Nevada, CO, etc.) Would like to move east into TX but not sure if the slime will follow. Costa Rica sounds nice.

  4. Marlan says:

    People don’t realize the insidious danger of the mask mandate. First the mandate. Then the tattlers/citizen reporters. Then the enforcers. Something small like a mask mandate. Then bigger things… like “language police”.

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