New Video : Stalinist Purge

YouTube has banned me for citing the New York Times and CDC statistics.

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  1. Dave N says:

    Here’s what their rule really means: You can quote official statistics only if you’re an approved alarmist.

  2. J.K. says:

    Thank you very much for your valuable informations, statistics and videos. Please continue, you are very important. I often share your well extracted deep data insights! The censoring social media a absolutely incredible.

  3. Phil says:

    Sickening what YouTube and the rest of big tech does to silence people!!!
    I call on everyone here to download this video by right clicking on it and choosing “Save Video As” then uploading it to YouTube themselves.

    We need to fight this type of censorship and authoritarianism.


  4. R.A. says:

    Sorry to hear of your banning for specious reasons. I do not always agree with what your write, but I do find much of your writing of unique value, and think the banning of your videos from YouTube an egregious offense against free speech.

    I would encourage you to use multiple outlets for your videos, such as Bit Chute, etc. That would help insure you will never be shut down by a single banning. James Corbett has posted very good advice about this, as you may be aware.

  5. Curtis says:

    Great Content.

  6. CheshireRed says:

    It’s because you called out their propaganda BS with the true Covid v ‘flu stats, and are now exposing their vaccine sales pitch.

    Obviously you’re ‘over the target’.

  7. Erika says:

    Yes…what you are witnessing is an actual slow motion communist takeover.
    I was screaming about the federal government taking down prohibitions against propagandizing Americans.

    Google which owns youtube and they have DEEP ties with the CCP
    (that are mainly hidden and kept from scrutiny)
    Like this:

    The Orwellian tactics should not surprise you..we have seen these communist tactics unfolding on MSM and in our cities for over 8 months now.

    Guess what?
    The Mainstream media like CNN, MSNBC have deep ties to the Communist Party of China.

    Black Lives Matter is also funded by the CCP

    It is becoming fairly clear that in many ways Covid can be considered a CCP psy-op.
    And if that is too far out there for some..i ain’t apologizing.

    And Thank you Tony for all you do.

  8. Steve says:

    I feel honoured now. I was also banned from YouTube for “hurting someone’s feelings “ but really I believe it was because I too spoke about the virus and the election which didn’t conform to MSM narrative.
    At least I’m in good company.
    I really feel sorry though for the 6 subscribers that followed my channel. What will they do now?

  9. Robert Noble says:

    And IF Google/YouTube allows one of your excellent, truthful videos, they usually accompany it with a notice that the video is “disputed” in some way. I usually leave comments for the notice telling Google to F— OFF! I wonder when I will be banned from watching YouTube. Probably around the time the goons show up at my door for a “mostly peaceful” arrest.

  10. johnbuk says:

    Thanks again Tony, have subscribed to your Newtube channel. Hardly a surprise, as you say!
    Best Wishes

  11. Jarcel says:

    Are you surprised my friend. Please do not give up and join Parler

  12. Eric Hatfield says:

    Interesting how those that speak the truth rarely if ever attempt to silence those who speak lies, yet tyrants and liars will nearly always seek to silence the truth.

  13. kzvx says:

    Get active on Parler, Tony. Following the ‘election’, many thousands of your audience ditched fakebook and twatter for Parler

  14. John Sweeney says:

    How do you sign up for your NewTube channel?

  15. Wins Triumphs Godel says:

    More possible evidence that COVID 19 is a biological weapon developed in China and released to weaken USA and increase CCP power.

    China has a weaker economy but much more population. Therefore, a biological attack helps their side on two fronts, reducing population and weakening the US politics government military and economy.

    • CheshireRed says:

      President Trump was facing down China head on and sailing to re-election on the back of a superb economy and millions of jobs.

      The only way he could be stopped from winning – short of a ‘terrible accident’ or a Lee Harvey Oswald moment, was to damage the US economy.

      So along comes a virus in the early months of an election year. (1/4 odds for Trump’s term in office) and just in time for the election itself everything goes to hell in a handcart.

      Honestly, what a most unfortunate coincidence for President Trump, and what an unexpected bonus for the Chinese Communist Party.

  16. Dion MacDonald says:

    YouTube/Google have no obligation to host your views. Suggesting freedom of speech is being suppressed ignores YouTube’s fundamental right to host what they please. Your right to go elsewhere or indeed create your own platform is not being suppressed. Your white male privilege is the only thing being suppressed here. YouTube may be breaching your rights if they discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender or religion. Supressing views that are based on limited facts, poorly researched content or drawing conclusion that may be harmful the community, by individuals who are not suitably qualified, seems like a pretty reasonable thing for YouTube to do. Expecting to enter a store and be served is not a right, it’s at the invitation of the owner and you can be asked to leave at any time. Your time is better spent on your crusade against the democrats or climate change or whatever it is you are doing here. Are the two mutually exclusive.

    • Chris says:

      Yeah except there is a reason it’s called “big tech”; social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are subjected to the “winner takes all” principle: everybody wants to be on the biggest platform because that maximizes your audience. So once a social platform reaches critical mass they inexorably become the only relevant source for the service they provide. One can move to fringe alternatives like NewTube but one would lose any chance of a significant audience.

      As a consequence massive privately owned globalist companies are now becoming the judge on what people can and can’t hear as they put themselves in a censorship’s role. Some regulation is needed here, we don’t want a world dominated by a handful of tech companies. Until such times Tony needs to keep a low profile, not giving his enemies the ammo to terminate a successful YouTube channel with almost 100K subscribers. Stay clear from Covid Tony!

    • Davide says:

      Are you serious, or are you kidding?
      President Trump and his administration explained the obvious in the last months: section 230.
      These companies have two choices:
      -acting as service providers, so allowing expression without censoring, like a phone company or a mail service
      -acting as editors, so choosing discretionarily what can be published and what cannot.
      In this case, they are responsible for anything published on their platform.
      There is no basis, logical nor legal, to pretend both immunity and freedom to choose contents.

      And of course Chris’ arguments are also correct.

    • arn says:

      Listen primitive.

      What white priviledge are you talking about?

      That fact that Blacks can commit as many crimes as they want and have a 99% racist rape ratio among black and white?

      The fact the the religion i was born in(islam)
      can enslave millions of black people right
      now and Youtube is censoring my exposure to protect muslim slavery
      just as they protect muslim on white childrape in britain.

      The fact that blacks in the US leave their hoods as fast as they can
      as soon as they can afford and move to white suburbs.
      A thing that would never happen if there was priviledge.

      The only priviledged people in the USA are affirmative action blacks
      who are low – qualified and still get jobs and college quotas
      and need lower scores to pass.

      You are just another moron and 100%proof that the left is just a bunch of degenrated racists and facist who will support any crime and tyranny as long as it suits your agenda.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Dion, that’s some mighty fine straw you’ve strewn around there, man.

    • Gerald Machnee says:

      Dion, you should look in the mirror. A post like yours would be deleted on Youtube etc.
      You are assuming white priviledge.

    • Eric Hatfield says:

      Get off the ‘white male privilege ‘ nonsense.

      With respect to rights a little history might be in order here. True, the original Bill of Rights were restrictions against the federal government and didn’t apply to states. The 14th amendment applied those restrictions to the states. The Civil Rights Acts applied those restrictions to everyone else who serves the public. If a restaurant can’t discriminate on the basis of for example race, why should it be allowed to discriminate on the basis of expression?

      Political truth is in the eye of the beholder, not the eye of a company. They are unqualified to do such. Clearly protection of the rights from being abused by big business is a civil rights issue of our time.

    • thurman Zhou says:

      ” Supressing views that are based on limited facts, poorly researched content or drawing conclusion that may be harmful the community, by individuals who are not suitably qualified, seems like a pretty reasonable thing for YouTube to do. ”
      So far I haven’t found anything that Tony has put up that hasn’t been researched or is in error. Are you suggesting that we have a class system? If I use a basic principle of science, do I need to quote someone who is in a qualified class structure? Such as ” show me the formula that states a specific amount of co2 causes a 1 C rise in temperature “, in a laboratory, green house, or planet.
      If you are in the public venue, and where speech is concerned which You Tube is, then no You Tube can not discriminate. You are suggesting that people don’t have the ability to make choices when it comes to speech. Or I will tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. I don’t care if you are presenting actual stats from the CDC or from God himself.

  17. Chris says:

    Tony, don’t risk your YouTube channel for this Covid stuff. The real danger for your enemies in your climate hoax warnings, but they can’t touch you on that (yet) so they use your Covid video’s to shut you up. So just stop with those, it’s just not worth it.

  18. Jeremy Ashford says:

    I had my YouTube account deactivated couple days ago, let back on after I was “re-reviewed” at my request.

    I will assume they had a bit of a purge.

  19. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Maybe one of these conservative lawyers groups can sue You Tube for a ton of money, which you can use to publish all you want on You Tube. Certainly they need to be hammered back until they realize that they cannot stop free speech on their publice communications utility.

  20. Donna says:

    The governor of my state apparently won re-election to his third term. I did not vote for him. He is still on his covid kick. He wants people to rethink their holiday plans.

    We did not have a bad wildfire season this year until right after Labor Day. It seemed like several fires broke out along the western states almost at the same time. My governor wants to blame climate change. I believe the governors of Oregon and California are also blaming climate change. Then I watched a video about directed energy weapons and it made me wonder.

  21. David says:

    Please upload your videos to BitChute as well. The platform is growing.

  22. Geoff Swann says:

    I cannot get notifications from either newtube or your website
    Dark forces at work or incompetence on my part?

  23. Nes says:

    You are a patriot and a scholar. Few people have such reason and integrity as you Mr. Heller.
    A ray of hope in these dark, dark times.

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