New Video : Worst Junk Science Season On Record

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  1. Tony, have you watched Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s video on the election? VERY… ahem… revealing.

    • Dana says:

      I certainly am not good at math or stats; however, this might interest some readers re vote-switching in Michigan.

      • Gerald Machnee says:

        I think he does some cherry picking of his own. He does not address the 4th example that Dr Shiva showed where there is a cluster with no pattern.
        He plays with the “slope”, bur ignores one aspect of it. The top of the slope line for Biden is almost ALL above zero while most of the line for Trump is BELOW zero.
        When he shows the numbers of party and individual votes for Trump he comes up with a 20% or so difference. He conveniently does NOT show the numbers for Biden.
        So much for the mathematician.

    • Rebecca says:

      Did you catch Sydney Powell on Marie Bartiromo this morning? WOW. And guess what? It’s been deleted. BIG, BIG stuff going down.

  2. Another excellent video — as are all your others.

    • rah says:

      There is a lot more than statistical evidence coming out.

      The FBI is Investigating”. IOW the FBI now realizes that they can’t sit on the side lines any longer and must get involved to hamper, impair, counter, or shut down any real investigations that are producing irrefutable evidence of massive fruad. The FBI had to have known about this long ago and did nothing. They are not to be trusted.

      This is a battle for the Republic. A battle for control of this nation against the globalists. The more I see, the more I believe that there may be some high up patriots, possibly General Officers and others, that anticipated the move or even pushed the evil ones into having to do this to hold control and have had an operations plan and are carrying it out to counter it and expose the whole stinking mess. IOW I believe that there are powerful forces behind the scenes coordinating this effort to expose the corruption just as there are powerful forces behind the scenes coordinating the effort to steal the election and then cover it up. And THAT is a game changer.

      I believe the evidence that has already been revealed about this complex scheme to steal the election could not have been compiled in just a couple of weeks. They had it already and had a plan to use it.

  3. rah says:

    OT but I just wanted to know if your going to Rumble if YouTube drops you.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Hi Tony, this wasn’t on Youtube. I think you mentioned going to another platform but who needs it? You’ve got your own. THANKS again for the info. I look for your videos all the time and I always share them. I just can’t believe they keep pushing this unicorn fairy dust climate garbage, daily. There is SO MUCH lying going on right now- about the climate and so much more. I feel like Alice in Liarland.. anyway, thank you and hope you’re doing well. You recently answered a post I left on a Youtube video. I use Youtube under the name Suzie and a last name I won’t put here. I just don’t want everything connected. The world is far too scary now and I know I can’t hide but at least I can make it take longer to find me! Blessings.

  5. Hank Duncan says:

    You are the best Tony and I appreciate you pulling the curtin back on all the junk science so much. Thx…

  6. Jessica pohl says:

    You can’t be right. Didn’t Prince Charles just this week confirm that a climate catastrophe awaits us just around the corner if we don’t do as he says? Shame on you, Tony.

  7. Jason Krall says:

    Tony, Please please update your analysis tool for windows users(old zip is not there) and update the US.txt file or point me in the direction of a tool to use (script to bring it down doesn’t work in CMD prompt). I want to create some historical charts surrounding the southwest (AZ and Vegas). Having a warm snap in Phoenix this week and some people are using it as proof of the narrative and reason to enter the Paris con.(“it’s NEVER been 89 in November so it must be true”) I am not a programmer, but can follow directions if I can get good data to use and resources to learn. A new instruction video would be awesome, but will settle with how to get the stuff myself.

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