CNN : War Is Peace Freedom Is Slavery Ignorance Is Strength

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3 Responses to CNN : War Is Peace Freedom Is Slavery Ignorance Is Strength

  1. D. Boss says:

    What a joke. One of the orchestrators of the fake Russian Collusion Hoax preaching about undermining democracy? He was a ranking FBI official who perpetrated a hoax to attempt to derail Trump, and was in fact fired for lying….

    How about this:

    They Rioted in the streets when Trump was sworn in….chanting “not my president” and many in Congress stating he was illegitimate.

  2. rah says:

    CNN led the ratings of the big three cable “news” networks. FNC came in a miserable last.

    There is now talk of management change at FNC after they have fallen from 1st to last among the big three in cable news ratings. They can change management all they want and it won’t do a bit of good. Their betrayal of their viewer base was such that FNC is doomed to stay an also ran for the duration and those of the left who watched CNN and MSNBC won’t change because the hate FNC. Imagine how bad it would be if the likes of Tucker and Hannity take their shows to one of a real conservative cable news networks!

    Personally I think it is delusional to believe that FNC will ever recover from it’s betrayal of it’s conservative base, Just as it is delusional as to believe the Republican Party will ever recover from it’s betrayal of that same conservative base. And the argument that we have no where else to go doesn’t hold water with me because as far as I’m concerned I’m not voting for cowards and traitors no matter what party they belong to.

  3. Justa Joe says:

    The FBI acting as an American STASI for the Democrat party is going to be a big problem for the non-leftist citizenry.

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